The Scars we bare

The Scars we bare I know this is my second post since I really took a solid break from SWTOR and went into other realms of playing solo style type of games all because I got burned out with MMOs and in particular SWTOR. But the last few days I have been playing SWTOR again on my Jedi Knight who is in the Dark vs Light event, and I took him to level 65 last night and went through the story of Shadow of Revan, and Ziost last night. He is my pure light side Jedi as well. Which at times over the last few days I just didn’t feel like making the light side choices, but I am doing something different this time. I am doing everything I can to get him into the Light event. As I played through the story last night and I finally got to the quest the Jedi Knight has on Rishii with Orgus showing up one last time before finally becoming one with the force. It was then that I realized that title of the quest. “Scars we bare” It was mostly about the Jedi knights time under the influence of the Emperor and all the bad things he had done. But it made me stop and think as well as Orgus talked to us as we helped out around Rishii, the scars we bare is a true meaning not just in SWTOR or SoR but in life as well. We all have scars that are visible, and well some have scars that are not so visible to the naked eye. It was during the last part of that quest when you can chose to either let the past be and make you whole once again, let it define you as a person , or take it for the darkness that you lived under during that time. It was there that I really had to stop and think for a solid moment. That was a highly important decision to make during that time of the game play. It was also when you opted to be a Jedi that followed the code, or tried to at least, or let it all consume you and embrace the darkness that lived inside. Of course though I did pick the light side choice for it all cause I’m trying to get my Jedi Knight to tier V of Light Side. I don’t know why, I just am at the moment.

2016-08-26_20-37-43I also have a plan of taking this Jedi all through KotFE and not picking any dark side choices. Only cause I want to see the struggle he will face as he resists Valkorions way and try to keep a level head. But it will also probably spark a new little like mini series from me as I complete each chapter to show the true struggles for this character. For the first time in a long time I have finally reconnected with a SWTOR character for their personality instead of gender/ what side of the force they live on, and etc. It’s their personality that I am now identifying myself with. While yes my Jedi knight is a male (no shocker there), and yes he is a cyborg. I have a back story in mind for him as well. I may or may not publish it in it’s own section for everyone to read. I just don’t know what it is since I started logging in and playing again but for me everything looks fresh again. I also plan on posting a full complete series of thoughts as I play through out the KotFE just to give my rough overview of what it was to play as well a light side character that denied the Emperor, and 2, as a complete post that should be better than my last thoughts one I did right after the last chapter was released. It will give more in depth details as by now most should have played through all the chapters.  I tried my hardest on that one to keep it spoiler free, and now that we’re coming into a break from Knights of ______ since we now know that the next one is Knights of  the Eternal Throne or “KotET”, it will give me time to relive some of the moments from there as I played each chapter monthly as they came down. This time I will play all the way through KotFE without a month off because all chapters are released, and I’m just curious to see how it will all play through as a solid story this time around.

2016-08-26_22-48-33Now I am going to try and get into this event with another level 65 to hit the Eternal level that is required for the DvL event, but I may fail short cause of the EC Fights. It requires me to last past round 5. Well let’s face it , I just suck in EC because I can’t for the life of me get an idea of how to beat it with just 208 gear, I don’t do Ops or none of that so I can’t get the better gear, or the pieces I need to craft my own gear that would stand up, and Glowing Data Crystals are not entirely easy to get nor is the other. Because they require outrageous amounts for gear, and buying it off the GTN, No thanks. I am not wasting millions of credits for that kind of gear. So I’ll figure out how to make it to round 6 in 208 gear. I don’t really care for the new companion, but I just want to do it, to say I did it. If that makes any sense at all. But I have noticed something we may not know much about the new companions, but if I recall, and I will double check my Jedi Knight later when I log into the game but I do believe we have heard about Master Ranos, it was sent via mail in the game after or during my time in SoR. I will screenshot it and save it, but I believe that is the name at the end of the mail. So we just never saw this person until recently when they said it would be a Light side companion for us.  So if you’re on the Ebon Hawk server on the Republic side, Friend and say hello to me via Darrien Ryder , he is the one I am currently taking through. I have a Jedi Consular “Shadow” that I am going to take through on the Dark Side of consular , only cause I’ve done that story once, and kept deleting the others, but I plan on keeping this one as well. His name is Dante Ryder. He’s currently at level 18, and sitting on the Republic Fleet, so if you’re on the Ebon Hawk over in Republic side, friend those two names , and say “Hi”. I will respond back.

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