Choices made in KotFE ( Light side version)

ChoicesSo I said in my last blog post that I would start a mini series about the choices I made in KotFE during the Light side Jedi Knight story I’ve recently done, and well I took the time off and away from it to gather my thoughts and decide how I plan on achieving this idea of mine. So far  I have only done the initial starting chapters we were given when Knights of the Fallen Empire had been kicked off. Before I dive into the beginning chapter called “The Hunt” I want to go back to SoR and Ziost, and say this. Being someone that has now sat down and followed through each of these stories. It’s been a refreshing scene to me to see this through the light side choices only that I am currently doing. At this moment it does not matter what I am feeling outside of the game when I start playing, but how I am feeling towards the game itself. Now while I still feel this event of Dark vs Light to be a small joke in some aspect, it is also refreshing to say the least to look at it in a different outlook so to speak.

Light Side Only Choices

Chapters 1-5

Now when I first arrived into Wild Space, and went aboard Darth Marrs’ Flagship. I was then starting to think of how I was going to go through this and make the right decisions based on Darrien being a Light side Jedi Knight. While my first thoughts were to go with all Dark side choices I fought against that grain and made the decisions that I felt would fit the light side Jedi Knight. I opted to save those in the landing bay being attacked by the Sky-troopers. I also choose to advise the others to hit the escape pods instead of just ramming the Flagship into the fleet like I have done so many other times in the past. This time around I just wanted to make a little difference in my decisions during this event. Also I was curious as well to see if my actions would change the outcome of the entire chapters I’ve played so far, and I have seen some differences already. I had also opted to deny Valkorion’s gift at every chance I could find as well. I will say this, as I have only done this once with not kneeling. It’s extremely different when you deny him time and time again. His reactions are very much different in what I’ve seen so far. In the beginning I had refused his offer to kneel and accept his power, then when you are fighting and there is a possibility that Lana may be killed, and then again when I fought with Heskal, and the one that truly got me, was the first time you battle Arcann on Asylum and he offers yet again and I refused.

2016-08-27_21-21-31This was the look of true disappointment on Valkorion when I refused his help yet again. I am truly impressed that there is a reaction from him when you don’t allow him to have any control over you at all. Like I said above, normally somewhere down the line I end up letting him help me, but this time around I plan on going through this without taking any of his power, even though I know he helped preserved my life in the beginning after I stuck my Saber through his chest. Still it’s just the sheer pleasure of denying him such pleasure in letting him have just a little bit of control over me. I intend on following through with this story all the way until the Battle of Odessen all because I want to see if the title “Choices matter” really does make a difference in the game.

Koth_VortenaWhile there is still so much love-hate about this guy in the game. I have grown quite fond of his quirks. Only cause I get what he is fighting for, and why he opposes Arcann so much now. While at times I do believe him to be a cry baby and what not when he doesn’t get what feels is right. I also admire him as well because he’s fighting for a good cause. Even if we all agree that a love/hate relationship with Koth is always a good thing. It all depends on the style your character is as well. So while some may hate him, I don’t entirely hate him, I just do find him annoying at times. I try not to be mean towards him, I mean after all he did kind of help Lana rescue me from being a carbonite tomb for all eternity. He could have said “No” to her but didn’t. All cause he wanted to see who this so called “Outlander” is and was about, and how one person could have so much faith in someone without really knowing them, and etc. So yeah I plan to keep Koth around for a long time in my Jedi Knight story to see how things progress with him as one of my top go too guys. So we’ll see how far I can tolerate him, even though I may not use him much as a companion outside of the story. It’s still a great way to keep him for crafting if anything.

ScorpioSWTORNow this one, I wish they didn’t saddle me with her all cause having played through the story once, I know what will happen with this damn annoying droid, and yes I will call her one to her face, but having said that. I just did not ever care for Scorpio when I first met her as my Agent’s last companion in his little make shift crew of rejects as some may have called it in the past. Still even if I didn’t know what she was going to do in KotFE I still would have liked the option to just say “NO” to her all cause I didn’t think she was ever a good fit into the Alliance and knowing she has secrets hiding and etc. She just does not mesh with a Light Side character at all.


2016-08-27_21-39-13After having been stabbed in the gut by Arcann because I refused Valkorions help, and I want to take them both out. I have had a lot of time to think about various things on how things are going in the light side event for this particular character of mine. Darrien Ryder is not the typical Jedi Knight, while through out his entire 3 chapters in the main story, he has never once flirted, or romanced anyone. Including Kira, who wanted to so bad, it wasn’t until I went into SoR that I had decided to romance anyone. It was then Lana that I decided I would choose to romance through SoR and then hopefully into KotFE as well. The letter she sends when one is denying Valkorion at every turn was really touching, and yet almost like she felt bad for breaking the “Outlander” out of his carbonite Prison so to speak too.

LanamailmessageSo in a nutshell here I am starting to see the choices I am making do change the story a little bit. I won’t know more until I go and finish chapters 10-16. Which by then I will know what it is to truly deny Valkorion at every turn and how much of an impact of staying the good guy does for the Jedi Knight at least. I hope whoever has read this, has had a good time reading it , and can well appreciate the thoughts and ideals I have been finding as I play through with an entirely different outlook on everything so far, over what I have done in the past.

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