Part 2 to Choices Made ( Light side Only)

ChoicesThis is my 2nd part to the previous post about Light Side Only, Choices made post I did a while back. On that post I had done the initial 9 chapters that we were given back when they released KotFE at the beginning. Since Chapter 16 has been out for a little over a month now or so. I can fully go through the entire process of how I thought overall that this Story Arc was. But first I will go through the motions of what it was to truly go through KotFE without once taking Valkorions help. As tempting as it was in the beginning to kneel, and take his help through out the story I stayed true to being a light side Jedi and did not once take his help, and it did have a different impact in the game when his help is refused numerous times. I did not know that it would be an actual challenge to not take his help, but I did it, and I’m proud to say I did it. I was not entirely thrilled with being sandbagged with Companions that were really against what Darrien Ryder stood for. By that I mean with Kaliyo Djannis and Scorpio I was never a real fan of these two, and to be saddled with them in my alliance was a still a bit disappointing to say the least, but oh well.

Having gone through chapter 10 and getting Kaliyo was still a huge boring story , and I was not thrilled with her at the least bit. I just don’t know what it is. I thought the Agent’s companions could always been better, I mean you get her in the beginning on Hutta, and then Scorpio near the end for the Agent’s story. While those two just do not fit into the agents line up at all, they just don’t fit into the story all that well for KotFE either. I know a lot will disagree with me there, but I just can’t stand those two on any level. But none the less I took them, and of course we all know how Scorpio treats everyone. What I still don’t get is how Arcann doesn’t see that it wasn’t his fathers influence that made the outlander go back to Zakuul and attack. Hell to be honest I would have been happy to stay off Zakuul and away from him and his ego manic sister. Going into Chapter 11 I felt that Jorgan fit nicely in with the Jedi Knight and his alliance group so to speak. It was only cause of how I had played Darrien Ryder throughout the whole thing. He is a level 4 Light Side Knight. I have very little dark side in him, but over all I have played this character as a strictly light side only. It is what I wanted. Helping the people of Zakuul reminded Darrien that he was still in fact a Jedi Knight, and still someone that believed in doing good in the galaxy even if it was Zakuul that he was held prisoner in Carbonite all those years. He never once took it out on the people of Zakuul. His real fight was with Arcann alone. Not the people of Zakuul.

2016-09-17_09-32-110Yes this is how it was said in the beginning of Chapter 12: Visions in the Dark. I had refuse Valkorions help time and time again. Then I was forced to go and ask for it finally. It was a difficult decision to be made by Darrien. I could have stopped the chapter right there, and just never finished KotFE but I opted to go through to see what all he had to say and it was the same ole pissing and whining match with him. It was also during this time that I was thinking ahead of how I truly wanted to handle Arcann when the time came. That is basically what this chapter is, preparing you for the final showdown against the Angry son. Yes that is all Arcann ever was, an angry son that hated his father so much, along with his mother for leaving that he let the rage , and everything consume him. Now his sister Vaylin is a different story and one we will partake on in the next saga, but during my time through the last 6 chapters. I had learned a lot about Valkorion, and Arcann, it was not always like this.

2016-09-17_09-43-410If learn to read between the lines, it was Valkorion that was afraid of his son in retrospect. He knew what Arcann wanted, he also knew the outlander wanted him dead, has always wanted him dead, but has opted to go a different route since time and time again Darrien refused his power ( I refused his power), He doesn’t know what he wants, just that he’s watched the outlander become a far better person having broken the bonds of the Jedi Code, and never once adapting to the Sith Code. He truly has become something beyond Light and Dark. He even says so during his battle with Arcann, when that choice is picked. I didn’t get a screen shot of that one, and I regret that because it made a lot of sense for Darrien to say that over the others.

Chapters 13-14 were much of the same mundane recruitment missions, only difference was by this time it was a lot more fun to play them cause the one liners were funny, and it was easing up on the tension that was already around the outlander by the time Profit and Plunder was out, along with Mandalore’s Revenge. Getting Gualt and Vette was quite a pair to get in Chapter 13, all because they were a funny pair, and had a good time robbing the Treasury with the Outlanders help. It was a really good chapter and I had a lot of fun playing it again. I don’t even mind the damn Sky-troopers anymore. Hell I think I’ve come to like breaking them in half so much now. By the time I had hit Chapter 14 I was already so much more understanding how much harder it was to do the right thing that gave the Light side option over the dark side option, all because I wanted to see what it would be as a light side Jedi that never did anything bad, well minus those few times all because it was the right thing to do, and yet it still resulted in dark side choices. It was also nice to see that Shae remembered the Outlander from SoR as well. While they didn’t talk, it was more like a smash and grab for Gemini Prime, and we did it. I also opted to try and save those Mandos that were hunkered down into that area instead of letting them die, Torian didn’t like it, but then again it was the right thing to do. There was no honor in letting them die.

Chapters 15-16, well here we are down to the final two chapters, and final two thoughts. I knew something up with Scorpio from the very beginning, because of how she was brought in so early into KotFE, I just had this gut feeling all the way that she was going to betray the alliance, go after what she believed to be her children, and then pit Arcann and the Outlander into fighting on her terms. Just because her true end game was to try and kill them both. Scorpio was not a normal droid, and she voiced that over and over again and after a while you just wish you had a way to shut her up permanently. At least I know I did. I don’t understand why people loved Scorpio, then again I never understood why so many like companions that really didn’t fit in with certain classes. Then again everyone has their own opinions about certain companions and what not. While I thoroughly enjoyed the entire KotFE as a whole once all the chapters were released and I have played through it all the way from Chapter 1 to 16 now. It was a great story over all. It felt more like an RPG to me then an MMO, and that is what I loved the most about it, but also the build up to face Arcann, who I never once really wanted to kill after I got a little more information about his behavior. Instead I wanted to try and save him if he could.

By the time I hit Chapter 16, I kind of felt bad for the guy. Here he was trying so hard to get his father’s approval on so many things, and Valkorion just ignored him outright, even after he killed his own brother. His hatred had consumed him, and he let the outlander do what he could not, which was kill his father. But in retrospect Valkorion didn’t really die, he just became a force ghost or manifestation of a spirit in the force. While he opted to ignore Arcann is beyond me,but it really hit home on so many levels because here was this boy that was ignored by his father, he didn’t get a chance to see who his mother really was, had killed his own brother to gain his father’s attention. Had a sister that just well has no loyalties to him, not even an ounce of gratitude for him releasing her from her father’s control.   She also threw their brother in his face, and would taunt him over and over again, and by the time Arcann was defeated,he chose to save his mother and stand with her, over his own sister. It was then that his hatred was shattered, and the true man that Arcann should have been started to surface. I have opted to not shoot their shuttle down, as it was a futile effort in all. Arcann and Senya still have a story to tell, and a part to play in the future, but what it is I don’t know just yet. Will they help the Alliance take down Vaylin and the Eternal Throne once and for all, or will they do what so many others have done , shove a knife into the back of the Alliance and let them hang out to dry. I guess we shall wait and see.

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