The Star Wars Universe is forever changed.

This year was not a good year in the star wars universe with the loss of both Kenny Baker who played R2-D2 and then with the recent death of Carrie Fisher. I was one of the fortunate ones that had seen more movies with Carrie Fisher then just Star Wars. I also heard her speak out a lot about being Bipolar, and for those that do not know Bipolar is a mental health issue that so many people suffer. I speak from experience as well on that. She made it very easy for me to learn more about my mental health issues that I have. She also gave me hope that I could be anything I wanted with being a woman, and having a mental health issue.

I was and still am a HUGE fan of R2-D2, I think it all went back to my love for Battlestar Galactica’s Cylon and their moving red lazer in the mask. It was also then that I learned there was two factions for that series as well. So yeah you can say I found a love for no talking robots way before I was introduced to Star Wars, but none the less it helped me become a huge fan of Star Wars, and even though I have never went overboard with owning toys and what not from any of the movies, well minus the Battlestar Galactia I did own a Cylon that you had to manually move the lazer red eye from side to side. But while many are still mourning the loss of these two talented people I have decided to move on in life, and honor them in my own special way. I didn’t break down and cry, or say anything about their deaths until I decided to write this blog post. I won’t go out of my way to create game characters honoring their names, and etc. as for me it’s just pointless when so many already hump the hell out of that band wagon. I will honor their memories and etc. by being myself, and not pretending to be something else. For they were a true mark on the lives of so many of us that grew up with the original Saga for Star Wars, then the later prequels that led up to 4,5 and 6, and now that 7 is out. I’m not sure how Star Wars will move on in the movies with their Alliance Leader Leia at the helm, but I can’t wait to see how they do it. I hope it will be for something of the ages to come.

With the loss of life, there is always a birth taking its place. So on those days that are beloved star wars characters were taken from us, a new life began for special children. So that may not make a lot of sense to some, but that is how life is. We must accept it and move on. Doesn’t mean to stop caring and mourning those we’ve lost, but it just means that their time was done here on Earth, and they have moved onto bigger and better things. They no longer suffer as they have over the years, but they now can watch down on all of us from the stars, and watch how we interact with each other. To understand anything life, you must first accept that death will happened eventually. I was told that in order to understand life, you must first accept that death will come knocking on your door one day, and if you do not fear death, you can begin to understand life. I still believe in that to this day. So while I’m sadden about all the losses of life this year. I understood that their time was up, and it was time for something greater to happen to them. Don’t think this post is just a post to shame their deaths. It’s not, It was meant for a place to express some heart felt ideologies I have had for a very long time. So while their bodies have expired, their spirits are still with us, and looking over us, and watching as we move forward in our lives. So may the force be with you, and may the happiness these two brought to us over the big screen continue to improve our lives on a daily basis. Thank you for reading this post if you do.

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