SWTOR Disappointment..Eh, I didn’t expect much in reality.

The infamous guild search starts or maybe for the time being just stops, and also same with PVP. Yesterday I was in the unranked and went in to do the daily to start building up comms for it, when after queing for solo unranked, I got into the one I dreaded the most. Huttball. Needless to say I’m getting slammed cause some twerp thought it would be cool to toss me the ball, well first off I had never had the ball on that toon so I didn’t see the huttball icon get added to my quick bars. So I got caught in a wave of overwhelming lag and all the while they are in chat yelling at me, calling me names and etc. Then one of them doesn’t understand that my entire game client froze , and I couldn’t access nothing but chat. So I let the other team kill me, and then when I respawn at the gate  they are still calling me names, insulting me and so forth, and one of them just blurts out “Go back to you’re fucking PVE Heroism”, so I stayed in the area until it kicked me from the WZ. When I first entered the Huttball area I told them I had never played Huttball in WZs what so ever, and the team said no prob that they wouldn’t toss the ball my way, but I guess  that was a blunt damn lie because they did. On the other team they had a blast killing me. Guess they figured easy kill. I didn’t get upset that I got killed, but I ended up ignoring  those in unranked that called me names. Then the next time I qued up for Alderaan WZ, that one I like. So we took one of the nodes, and the other guy behind me said to go ahead he would stay and guard the node so it didn’t get taken, I ran up into the mob and started doing my thing when in Ops chat again I’m being yelled at cause 1 I took the node, and 2, the other person set me up. He used his stealth and left the node, so yeah I’m guessing they had plans for me and try to get me to feel like shit, well good work asstards, you did just that. I got my 4th game in on the dailies, left, and started talking to guild mates and etc. Then all of a sudden one started talking bout a noob in the WZs who got their ass handed to them in multiple times during huttball. I just blurted out, yeah well I may be a noob in WZs, but at least I’m trying. He then promped to say well we won’t help you in the WZs. You’ll just have to figure that out on your own. I was like, yeah thankfully this is nothing more than a damn trial in your guild anyways, have fun, and then I typed in chat /gquit. Well they had my newly created Sith Assassin also in there, so I logged him in and typed in /gquit and left that guild. If after having a lengthy talk with a few people how they would help me out with WZs and such, but decide to renig on their agreement, I decided that well “This isn’t the guild for me.” So I logged out of the Imp side and went over to the Repub side for a bit to work on my Jedi Shadow who at the time was only lvl 2, but ended up logging out for the entire night as I just was not in the mood to deal with the headaches, and the “Are you looking for a guild” whispers anymore. But I was thinking back to my WZs too, and realized I’ll never be fast enough. I can’t get the right keybindings set up , and I can’t focus on others quick enough that maybe well PVP just isn’t for me. My valor is low teens, and I was doing to it to earn something for my lvl 60 other then having to go to Ziost and wait for new pve content to come out. I’ve seen all the class stories, I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do on a PVE scale, minus Operations, and Flashpoints. so yeah my level 60’s will not be in WZs anymore. I’ve decided to just quit while I’m ahead, and before I end up ignoring the majority of the tards in Unranked WZs. These people don’t understand, they’ve been doing it for months, years, etc. I qued solo and in Unranked because I know I don’t have the gear to get into ranked, but if this is how  they will  treat someone that does say, “I’m new, and don’t know what is what.” Then yeah I’m just better off sticking to PVE and going back into full solo mode on stories again.




I’ve gotten to the point I just don’t expect much out of anything anymore. Whether it be in a game, second life, even my RL , I just don’t expect to much so I’m less disappointed. Course now I’m just thinking I’m to damn old to even really care about the kids that believe they are gods in these type of games. I bought Guild Wars 2, and got my own guild, and don’t even log into that. I pay for my subscription to SWTOR faithfully every month, and some have told me I’m insane to pay monthly, but it’s what I can afford at the current moment. I do have other obligations and bills to pay so yeah I pay what I can, so if I can’t stay subbed for the next month, No biggie, I can drop down to Preferred status until I’m able to pay again. Most don’t understand that I’m living on full disablity and that doesn’t pay a whole hell of a lot. My husband works odd jobs as trying to get a full time job in our area isn’t not working out to well for him, but he does try to help lessen the bills on our heads. But my expectations have dropped so much in the last few years because it saves on getting disappointed. It still drives me back to the old saying of “Actions speak louder than words.” And some people well their actions scream quite the opposite. So yeah I’ll stick to talking in gen chat until it becomes to much to deal with, as I’m tried of seeing people using racism and hatred in general as a common breathing scene. When that happens I just click back over to the Mission tab I have set up, and ignore gen chat in general on whatever planet. I wasn’t asking for much, I was just asking for help to understand certain things, but I realize now that is mute, I’ll go back to getting advice via google search, forums, and so forth so that I can understand things , even post questions I have here in my blog,and get advice. But as for PVP and Guilds. Well right now that can sit on hold because I’m not interesting in jumping around so much that my head will spin. But yeah, I just think it’s time for the infamous break from those two areas again. I have a song playing at the moment that makes me think of how yesterday went down in both the guild and PVP ………………….Enjoy



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