Toxicity and just doing my own thing


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Just doing my own thing

So I’ve went back to just doing what I do best in SWTOR my own damn thing….After taking a few days to do whatever I wanted, and to think about various things. I’ve decided that in SWTOR. I’m good at just doing my own thing. The other night I took my lvl 35 Jedi Knight :Viper’r and started playing with him again on the EH server. All the while thinking back to the toxicity that I had bear witnessed too and decided I wasn’t going to let it get to me, but I understand that many will never understand that I’m not fast enough with Keybindings, sorry but I’ve went through to many keyboards in the past to be a keyboard smasher that it can eventually break the keys. A lot don’t understand that, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop trying PVP , I’ll just do like a fellow blogger who I now consider a friend told me to do. Start out in a the lower tiers (10-29) on a new server so that none my Legacies are tied too. I think that’s where I screwed up. I didn’t start out low enough. But I think I will be sooner or later. I have a level 16 Sith Warrior sitting on the Red Eclipse server, and a few others on The Harbinger.


Toxicity it’s just not PVP


Like the heading says. I’ve come to witnessed even more toxicity and it just isn’t on the PVP Channel. I bear witnessed to a new comer who recently sub to SWTOR and was asking for help on a planet Hoth, but all the while I witnessed others degrade this indiviual because they were High lvl 30’s and stuck on Hoth of all damn planets. He/she was on the last leg of their Jedi Knight Mission and having a hard time figuring out where to go, and etc. All the while I seen chat explode with “learn to play your class noob”, and “FFS use google”. I just sat there for a good 5 minutes cause I was ready to board my ship and leave Hoth. I had just recently completed it and I was taking a break for a minute to grab something to drink and to do other RL things that well you don’t have to worry about in the video games. Anyways I just kept thinking to myself. Damn this person is asking for help and all these people can do is degrade them, and etc. So I whispered this person, told them give me the details to their mission as I have done it, and forgot it already. They told me what they were doing, where they were at , and I told them, “Okay, give me 15 minutes to get to you, and we’ll group up and I’ll help you up til your story area, then you’re on your own after that.” I accepted the group invite so I could find them. They were heading to the Ship graveyard, and yeah I remember that area well because the first time I was on the republic side I went to the wrong area of the Star of Coruscant and got my ass handed to me because it was wrong area after all. One side is for Empire, and other is Republic, and forget following those damn green arrows on your map as sometimes they take one through enemy bases, I know on Belsavis it’s good for taking a Repub player and putting in the heart of Empire terrority. We mounted up at the closes base and I told them in a whisper, “Follow me, and try to stay close to me and I’ll get you there without a hiccup. ” They were slightly ungeared, and I also told them when they had the chance to upgrade if anything at least their Mods on their saber, it will help a lot too, and get some orange mods from the vendors on the fleet, or even attempt to look at the ones in the main base. They thanked me as I walked him up to the front door of his story area, and stuck around til after they were done so it was an easy explanination of how to use quick travel when you don’t wanna fight your way back out. We both quick traveled back to base, and again thanked me and I took them to the vendors there on Hoth and they were getting some good mods. I told them since I knew they were a Jedi Knight Guardian, to grab the mods /hilts that give Endurance and Strength.Did that, and noticed an increase on their HP and their strength went up as well. Before leaving for the next part of my mission. I was asked for a duel. They wanted to duel me outside in a remote area away from the others. I accepted and went to a semi-private area and dueled, they had fun, thanked me and went our seperate ways. I felt good doing that because I remember asking for help once during a class mission a long time ago, and got the words hurled at me, that eventualy I stopped asking for help and started figuring things out on my own. But I decided right then and there, if someone was asking for help, and I wasn’t busy in my own mission that I would drop everything and help out. That one act of kindness can change a person’s outlook on an MMO. If they get a negative feeling then they will not want to stay and play in a game were all they see is toxicity all around them. So after getting to my ship. I get a whisper from them that said this, ” Thanks again for all your help, as you’ve seen most just ignored me, or called me names, and I was thinking of unsubbing because of that, but just 1 person came to help, and with that help, made me realize not all players are like this in the game. Thanks again and have a good night/day.” With that we parted ways. That one moment and that one player helped that person rethink their subscription status to SWTOR and decided to stay. If more where willing to do just one good deed a day it’d have a bigger impact on the community. So it makes me think back for a few moments and realize, that “if these people do this in a game, how are they outside of the gaming community, and do they lack the moral sense to help out someone in need.” When I go to Pittsburgh, and I see a homeless person asking for change, I’ll go get them a cup of coffee and give them change. That’s the type of person I am. If I can help make a difference even a small one outside in the real world away from the games,  and so forth. I feel good about myself afterwards because they didn’t ask to be homeless, sometimes they choose it, but majority of the time they don’t. So that makes me think if I can help out one person, once in a while, how does that really effect the community, better yet I asked myself this. How does it honestly effect me, and my answer was this. It makes me feel good to be able to help out someone with something as trivial as a class mission in SWTOR. I do believe in these words. “Treat others how you would want to be treated.”


So on a closing note. This video fits perfectly for the words of the title, and so forth…Just remember one person can have an impact if they so choose too. I chose too, will you as well?



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