Is it really this hard?

So I’m over on yet another server where I have a maxed out legacy (Begeren Colony), and was doing some recording on a new Imperial Agent Trayvae , Yes yes, I know shocker, I would pick and use the same character name from my Agent over on the Ebon Hawk server. Anyways as I was starting the other half of recording, and etc., I get this PM asking if I was looking for a guild. Well yeah I am looking for a guild, but I just don’t want any guild. My time of hopping in and out of guilds is done. I want something causal, friendly , and so forth. I want to make sure I will fit in with the people there. I’m not being a jerk about it. Just given my track record with Guilds in SWTOR is well, not the greatest at all. So this person proceeds to tell me how they are 500+ and looking for new members, Great I think, right? Well okay I have to answer 3 questions before the invite will be sent. First question was doable. Having alts in their guild and make it my primary guild. Sure yeah, I don’t have a ton of alts on Imp side over there yet, but yeah I could do that. Second question comes and now this is the ultimate deal breaker for me. They ask if I can refrain from using profanity in gen guild chat, sure that’s no biggie, being nice to others, etc, again not an issue, but the major deal breaker for me, “Give respect to our senior officers” , now that there stopped me right in my tracks and caused me to respond with this, “Sorry but I am a firm believer that respect is earned and not demanded,  the moment you demand others to give respect then you lose footing. I am sorry, but I do not think your guild is suited for me.” I wasn’t disrespectful or anything, but I don’t care what a person has done in the game, if you demand respect from me, you won’t get it, sorry but I grew up respecting the ones older than me, but then it failed because once I got to know them, they didn’t deserve that respect, so I revoked it. I treat others how I want to be treated, and sometimes that is like the worse thing for me, because in the long run it turns out bad, but when you ask for respect from someone that doesn’t even know you, that just sends all kinds of red flags up to me. I’m sorry but that is how I am, and how I will always be. You can’t demand anything from me. It just doesn’t work. It’s got to be earned and earned by the actions a person does. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words.

I just can not wrap my head around people demanding respect from people they do not know. No matter how it was worded, it still came across as a demand. I am finally beginning to believe this is my curse in life. Not to be in a guild in SWTOR all cause so many do not understand you can’t demand certain things from people, everything has to be earned, at least it has to be with me. If you treat me good, I treat you good, but if you treat me like an ass, well I’ll just do one better, place you on ignore, and forget you even exist at all. I don’t deal with drama, and when I see questions like those, well it makes me sit back and wonder. But now that I also think about it, they were also spamming gen chat with their guild seeking, which to me says that with 500+ members, they are not doing that great as some have probably left the game with the drop of patch 5.0 and so forth. Yeah to me that makes even more sense. But oh well, my quest for a guild will still be going on. Just will be taking longer that I expected.



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