The War for Iokath

So like many of the others yesterday I jumped right into War for Iokath on my Trooper over on the Begeren Colony. Well to be honest. It didn’t feel like a Star Wars: The Old Republic game to me. Maybe because I honestly still believe that Iokath has no place in the galaxy at all. I did get my trooper companion back instead of getting Quinn all because she is a light side trooper, well mostly. It was great to explore a new area, and what not, but after the main quest is over, it’s really not worth doing over and over again. I have a mission on my trooper that I am just going to dump all because it’s the Operation to get to Tyth. As I don’t play the game all that much again because I have lost the desire to try anymore. I won’t give up my subscription to it, but this seems to happen every year for me around this time. I lose a dire interest in the game. I will take a few more characters through it just to see what happens for Quinn who isn’t my Hunter’s companion, but still the talk up about this latest thing is a HUGE let down. Once you complete the main story and are given the dailies, well if the vendors had more things for me to purchase with their Iokath Currency, I would have considered doing the dailies, Rep for the week got maxed quickly. I believe I hit newcomer status after all the killing and what not. Still just something feels totally off about Iokath to me at least, not sure about anyone else, as I haven’t really stayed around to see what was being said about it and what not.  The SWTOR tried to hype up this patch with this minor story to play, and yet after a weeks delay we finally get it,and to me , well it was a sheer let down totally. I was not enjoying myself, and having fun. It was just to bland, and etc. Of course though in a story wise, it was well written, but it just wasn’t well executed in a good brand to play. Of course I am pretty sure even though some End gamers are happy with the Operation but giving them 1 new Op boss isn’t enough to slate their thirst in the galaxy of this game. Maybe it is just me, but I still feel this a whole lot more missing here all because of how we are as a community.

It really is a love/hate with this game. We love it when new stuff is given out, hate it when it gets delayed, or certain things that people want are left out in the dark so to speak, by that I mean with KotFE, and KotET it was all story and that gave the PVE players a lot of love, even though I am sure a lot won’t be dragging all their alts through the story even though I am sure a lot have. I know I said I wasn’t ,but I still have some that are left hanging back on Chapter X in KotFE all together, while others are done totally. Just not sure of those ones I will be wanting to go through them again and again. Then again this is the game we are given to play, no one is forcing us to play it, we play it because we love SW in general, and despite all the negative stuff the developers really do try to give out something. Not sure we always agree with it, but at least they do try. So who knows!!!

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