Glutton for Punishment or Starting over ?

While many will probably ask, “Why do I keep doing this to myself? ” Well the answer is simple. I’m interested in all that the game has to offer, so without further talk. I’m going to share my latest achievements. I took the suggestion from and decided I was going to dive into PVP yet again. Now mind you. I had no intentions of joining a guild or anything, just wanted to PVP, well low and behold I was running around DK after doing my first low level tier solo unranked in PVP when I seen a guild annoucement splash into gen chat. Typically I ignore these kind of things, but I was with this person in PVP and seen how they played, and how we interacted as a group, and decided I would hit her up in a whisper and ask her questions bout their guild. She told me they do pvp,pve content, help out new players that are veteran to solo pve play, but looking into getting into PVP and so forth. I asked if they had a trial basis to see if we’re a good fit, and if I truly fit in there, she said they did. Great I’m thinking. I accept the guild invite, and start talking to the members right away, explained to them that I’ve been wanting to try PVP and that I’m from the US, and  they laughed, as most are from across seas, I also explained to them what has been going on, and how the one guild basically told me to piss off in a colorful way because I couldn’t move fast enough for them. They laughed and said , “Well we were all beginners and moved slow in PVP, we’ll try to help you as best as we can so that you can get the experience you are wanting from SWTOR.” Now my skeptical mouth pipes in with, “I’ll believe it when I see it comment.” All the while I’m thinking, “Oh hell, here comes the kick from the guild, instead they all laughed, and said Skeptical comments are welcomed because that shows the character of the person operating the character.New Achievements is my flickr page with all the achievements I’ve completed with my new Sith warrior on the RE Server..I could post the images here, but eh, maybe in the future..if I forget about flickr, which I sometimes do.


Ahh what the hell, here’s an image from the recent round of PVP earlier today for me.

swtor 2015-06-05 17-02-36-89

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