The very beginning

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My name is Zo’rad, and this is my story. I do not have an age as most know that Sith Pureblood’s do not age correctly. I would say if I had to guess a human age that I’m roughly around 25 years old. Same as my twin brother whose name I do not yet know, or what happened to him. I am a Jedi Knight Guardian. I have sworn to protect those that wish to do the galaxy harm. But that part of my story will come at a later time. Right now I’m interested in giving you a backstory to who I am and why I am searching for a twin brother. At one time my brother and I were inseperable. We could not be torn apart, had our own language and all. Then one day we were kidnapped. Finally seperated , I’ve always felt a connection to the force, and just as I was brought to the republic home world to be trained it was during that time I felt a powerful disruption inside myself. Never seeing my family again, never getting to become Sith. It was a hard time for me, but I also felt like someone or something was torn from my side. It was then I realized that it was my twin brother who I no longer felt connected too. I focused hard on training night and day, and rarely slept, it was then that my instructors, the wonderful Jedi Master’s had realized I was hard to take down. I would become an upstoppable machine when it came to the light saber. I couldn’t project things, or do anything out of that sort, but my skills in light saber tatics were none to the other padawans I was training with. I had ofent decided to but back and let them beat me up, because I was just so powerful in the force. I was always aiming to do the right thing. I did not want to displease anyone, including myself.

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