Thoughts on the new SH coming soon.

I’m not one for the whole strong hold idea in SWTOR, while yes it’s a great place to log in and out of , and use the GTN if you have one without rushing  to the Fleets, or The Outlaws Den, or other various places they can be. I have a total of 3 on one of my legacies, and rarely use it. I have the two main in that you get when hitting your captial planets, and then I have the one in Nar Shadda, I tend to decorate randomly. Now the one SH on DK on the Jedi Covenant Server is fully unlocked, and I believe like 90% decorated. In all retrospect I’d love to have the one on Tatooine only cause I love the images I’ve seen, Tatooine Stronghold more so then cluster city life. But the one on DK is still my favorite, because it’s dark, gloomy and well since I’m a goth by nature, and yes I said “GOTH” not that damn EMO crap people so often refer Goths too. But it’s so high priced, and is by far the most expensive one I’ve seen to date, haven’t had the change to explore one in game as I feel it’s like a violation of someone’s privacy to just enter a home without being ask for an invite. Yes I’m the kind of person too. I don’t feel good about just walking into someone’s home unannounced, and uninvited. I would probably be able to afford it if I wasn’t addicted to live mounts in the game, but I see one, and usually get a couple of Packs off the GTN and if I don’t get a mount, I go look it up, and find the cheapest price listed before buying it,  then I’m out of creds, or I’ll spend creds on other things that I need, like Stims, Armoring, Hilts, Enhancements, etc. I don’t usually keep a lot of Basic Comms on me either, that would require more of my time playing side missions and so forth and there are some side missions that I dreaded doing once, that why would I wanna do them again. So when I need a good Mod for whatever gear I have, I go buy it off someone since I can’t seem to get all that interested in crafting. Now I do have one cyber tech who is about to max out on 500 I believe …Scavanging is maxed, and Treasure hunting is coming up next. That is Daequis who is my lvl 60 Sith Inquisitor Soc. with Lightening tree. I was sad when they nerfed my beloved force storm that I used, but I’ve adapted to using the entire spec tree now. I don’t even really care to use FS anymore in all honesty. But back the money thing. Yeah no, I have gotten as high at 2.1 Mill in creds before I sunk them into the DK Stronghold to unlock the balcony. I wanted that balcony, and I haven’t been back to Dragosani Legacy to do anything else.  As you can see this image of him below is from Valentine’s day when I first defeated Revan on the Dragosani legacy. He was sitting at Yavin-4, now he bounces between fleet, SH, and Fury…I was recently on him yesterday to do some crafting and get the free companion gear you get when you do the weekly. Plus Xalek needed a new MH and gear. So I did the weekly and got him that. Unsure who I will do next week to get’em the gear I want them to have. But over all. I may go back to that legacy and finish up a few things there, Screen Shot 02-14-15 at 11.37 PMI tend to get bored playing the same characters, So I have a tendancy to switch them up a lot. I just can’t seem to get the feel of one character. Even though my starting rotation when I create a new legacy is always this Sith Warrior-Imperial Agent-Jedi Knight-Trooper-Jedi Consular-Sith Inquisitor-Smuggler-Bounty Hunter. I always leave Smuggler and BH for last as I find their stories to be utterly bland, but I may be able to get them through now with the 12xp going on for the time being. Leveling those two fast and ending them is a primary goal for me at the moment as I hate their stories that much. I’m not fond of BH or Smuggler. I’d rather play the fun ones first, then do  the boring ones last. But as for the SH,,well I really want the one on Tatooine only cause I do love the dual suns, and it always looks like a sunset instead of a sunrise. Call me odd for sure, but that is what I’m working on. But keeping creds is harder then most seem to believe especially when you live on a limited income in RL, so all the hard work in SWTOR is usually done by playing higher levels with bigger cred payouts. I’ll keep everyone posted as I think of new ways to torture myself in SWTOR!

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