Stronghold’s and Other Thoughts!


This is a video of the DK Stronghold fully unlocked, and 95% Decorated. I’ve added a few new things prior to making this video, but didn’t feel like redoing the video. I don’t like playing SWTOR in a windowed version due to having a small screen display. My screen is only 1366 x 768@60Mhz ..So that means my monitor is only roughly about 19inches or so. Now why do I have such a small screen, easy. It was cheap, I mean for 100$US I got it from Walmart of all places. I am looking to upgrade my monitor but you know the RL Stuff comes become wants..As for the Knucklehead running around in the SH well that’s my 1st level 60 Sith Inquisitor Daequis.  Earlier in the game he tried to PVP, and didn’t do well so never went back, as for being social. Well not really, and do not ask for the mask to come off, He’s hideous as a Dark V Pureblood Sith. If you have ever seen what happens to the characters as they progress in the dark side, you’ll know why. Even though I could turn it off and have him be his normal self, I felt it was more fitting that he revealed just how dark natured he truly is. A few pieces of his gear is Augmented , but that is a tale for another time, mostly he’s proud of his Stronghold. I’ve kept it with his name from the very beginning. So naturally I felt it was fitting that he would have the title “Sith Academy” for his Stronghold label. He doesn’t let it be seen on the public, then again. That is my choice in doing so. I love taking images of characters in their SH and so forth. Now I do have another video of my Coruscant SH, only 8 outta 9 rooms unlocked, I believe. Not entirely sure, as I rarely go on the republic side, but Rakghoul (Yes I know odd name for a Smuggler,) But trust me when I say it was funny to fool other players off the GTN and so forth, cause they couldn’t believe someone was running on the JC Server as a “Rakghoul” but playing a Zabrak of all characters. Anyways here is a that SH’s video.


With this video I tried to give it a first person kind of feel instead of a 3rd person. I liked how it came out and so forth, it was fun to do. I really want the SH on Tatooine and one day I will have it. Just be nice if in SWTOR they would allow you to have a bank for your legacy like they do with the guilds. Even though that would give me a thought of trying to make a single person guild on the JC Server, and seeing if a friend would help me put all my Alts into it. So I could save money that way. Odd I know. Then again I’m just an odd person. But to the SH’s and how I really wish the developers and so forth would allow some sort of Banking system to allow us to save creds across the legacy instead of having one that is well a Bank Credit Hoarder would be so much better. I know I’ve seen it suggested on the forums and such, but it  still hasn’t happened though. But eh, a girl can dream right? Who knows maybe one day that will happen as an unlock for a legacy. Allowing us to save credits and other stuff via legacy that we want. I may end up taking Daequis over to Oricon and doing their dailies, but ugh. The thought of grinding out dailies to earn creds, and rep for Oricon is just soooooo taxing to me. I could try and do the GSI Dailies as well, I still have the Seeker Droid, and macrobinoculars quests to do, but those I will never finish unless they nerf the hell outta the FP’s that accompany them. I did not understand the theory behind them. Make the entire quest Soloable, then at the end add a Heroic 4 to it. I couldn’t understand their logic there. Zo’ris has them still saved as quests, as I’ve never been able to finish them off. Then again, I need to finish maxing out his gear as well, so he can do some FPs on his own. Course I could even go datacron hunting. I was doing well with that, until I got to the higher planets where it was nearly impossible to find’em without a group. AHhh,,all the possiblies to earn extra creds since selling stuff for Cyber tech on the GTN is now pointless with 12xp as you can get most stuff from the Basic Comm vendors so cheap now.

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