Gave SWTOR a Break tonight

So tonight I decided I was going to give SWTOR a break. I mean I play that basically 7 days a week, roughly about 8-16 hours a day. Plus Story content is semi boring once you’ve done all 8. So I decided I was going to star working on GW2 tonight. Hubby won’t watch it cause first and only time he did, I was fighting a gaint toxic spider, and he hates spiders. So yeah, he won’t watch me play GW2 like he will with SWTOR..go figure …While I was playing tonight and doing my own thing. I really love the “You don’t need to group Content” to participate in the group things like bosses and so forth. That makes this game extremely fun for me since I’m just not a group type person. Plus I’m still trying to figure out everything in the world of Guild Wars. I have the very first guild wars installed, and play that from time to time as well, but just something about the graphics in GW 2 that catches my imagination. For me it has to be about the colors, and the atmosphere inside the realm of a game. Besides I started playing GW a little later too, I spent a lot of my day fighting cluster tension headaches since we didn’t have anything for me to take, and when I finally got something. I needed to let it absorb into my system. Now I just can’t sleep yet so figured I’d do some online reading, write a little, and then head to bed. Plus once he’s asleep I have my quiet time again. Yes I’m a glutton for my “ALONE” Time. But I had finally gotten Zandra Romani to lvl 31 tonight. I stopped playing once I got her to 28 all cause it’s a slow grind when you’re trying to learn to play with the “ASWD” keys when one is so use to using the arrow keys and etc.


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