Slapdash Sunday

Not into the Hyperness Online


As I sit here this wonderful sunday morning in the United States, drinking my morning coffee, reading various things online. Mostly all SWTOR related articles that my Twitter, and google plus alerts me too, even Facebook since I’m part of SWTOR Fan Blogs there. I was alerted to a new round of whatever. I’m not saying that the images I’ve seen were photoshopped, but in this day and age, anything is remotely possible. Right? Could the next expansion for SWTOR be what they have “Supposedly” leaked information, or now it is some “TROLL” and yes we have them a lot anymore. Deciding to hack things, fake things, and so forth. Sorry but in this day and age, anything is remotely possible.  There was much hype and etc when they talked about releasing the new planet , and then when they did the community of SWTOR erupted into toxicity. By that I mean you had the die hard PVPer’s complaining about no open world PVP, and then some that didn’t care, then it was the “Dailies” there that some said weren’t worth doing, but yet they were able to exploit parts of the map, and get into areas they weren’t suppose to be in until the rest of the content was released, and I applaud the Devs at SWTOR for quickly dishing out the consquences to those that used that Exploit, because in my eyes, those are the types that kill a game quickly but exposing the exploits, not turning into the devs to they could fix the gaps.Nothing is 100% perfect. Games, Movies, Books, and so forth. It is all live and learn by trail and error, but now we hear this hype about “Knights of the Fallen Empire” , and all the speculation starts. I was off and on yesterday most of the day on the SWTOR main’s website. I go there to read the forums, help out when asked, and so forth, but I never once saw the images I saw this morning, now maybe they were posted during the off times that I was ingame playing, or even after I logged and went to bed last night. I’m not saying I don’t believe  those that have posted the images, but with all the hype surrounding the E3 announcement coming Tomorrow, it’s not hard for some troll of some sorts, to take a screen cap of the website, then edit it all into the photo and add text, and so forth. It’s easy to do in this digital day. I got the email with the first screen image they released, but that was all I’ve gotten to date. I’m just not letting myself buy into this hype and it doesn’t fall  through, because I don’t wanna expect all this, and come to find out when they announce things at the E3 convention, and so forth, that this is NOT what was posted on the websites main page. I guess for me it’s more about the element of surprize. I didn’t go anywhere near the class forums on the main website until I finished each character’s final chapter. The blog that got me into thinking about all this was this one right here “Knights of the Fallen Empire” expansion 06|15 announcement

Even though I did read the post from Eric on the forums, and so forth, so that I knew was his doing, but the other part of that blog has this one too. “Knights of the Fallen Empire” info leaked This is the one I’m skeptical about the most. Because it was like I said earlier I was off and on the website until roughly around 10pm EST time, and I didn’t see the image at all. Then again I was in game from around 5pm EST until 9:30pm Est time too. Then spent last half hour reading things, and doing things before deciding to go to bed for the night. I also started a new toon so that was what I was doing. I finally unlocked another species on my legacy as she hit lvl 50 the other night, and that was the Twi’lek, I am currently taking advantage of the Epic Boost to unlock the species so that when and if I decide to open on a new server and I transfer one, I get all that unlocked. But that is enough of this. If all the info I read is what will be announced, then I’ll be excited, but not to much, since most of it was already spoiled, just excited that I will be able to dust off the lvl 60’s sitting in their strongholds.


Something coming soon


Just as this heading states, I’m working on something and it should be happening soon. I’ve decided that once I get the notion to do it. I’m going to make a page of sorts with all my characters, where they sit, their names and so forth so those in game on the servers I’m on, can add me to their friends list and so forth. Not saying you’ll catch me on that name for long as I tend to jump around when I get bored, but it’s something new I’m working on. I’ve seen other bloggers do it, and decided it was time I get a full indepth look into what my characters look like even as I tend to lvl them up. I jump around since I’ve seen all 8 Character’s Final Chapters, so to keep myself from being bored, I roll a new toon a lot, and then I go back and start on them to keep it all fresh for me. It’s how I keep myself into the game since I’m not in any guilds, nor have many friends on these other servers. I tend to be the classic silent gamer. I watch chat, and don’t speak, and get spammed with the infamous “Guild Invites ” now too on The Ebon Hawk Server. I got 5 last night , not tells or anything, just instant spam fest fight in my screen. Ugh, those are still annoying all cause if you don’t at least message me telling me about your guild, what makes you think I’m going to click a random thing that pops up..I don’t click anything that pops up in front of me because I’m not stupid..I’m still contemplating on what kind of guild I do want to join, or if I’d just rather find a way to make my own guild, just to avoid that hassle. I know over in GW2 I made a guild to stop that damn spamming ….I dislike those more than anything,but yeah something good is coming soon. You’ll just have to wait to see what it is.

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