A little late, but late is better than never right?

Big thanks to …………..


So after all that has been going on in the last month with working on new characters in SWTOR, trying out new things, and yes sadly reverting back to past behaviors. I forgot one important thing. I wanted to thank Ravanel Griffon for introducing me to the NBI and getting involved or semi involved into their challenge. I didn’t get to do much as I was and still am unsure about my blogging abilities. Guess that is what one gets for being socially akward in all aspects. But I did want to give a thanks to everyone that has read my blog, posted comments, and tried to help me get over being socially akward so to speak. Like many, I have taken a shortcut and decided to post a premade link with all the new gamer blogs I’ve ran across.


 The Future….


Of my MMO adventures. I am unsure what the true future holds for them, and for this blog as a matter of fact. I don’t plan much of anything out. I’m a spur of the moment kinda woman. I play both genders in my video games because I have a split personality to match both sexes. I have my fun on my own terms, and without being told “You’re doing  this wrong.” Just like recently I’ve decided I was gonna roll two new characters over on the Ebon Hawk server, Both I’ve played in the past, but only the Tank specs of it all. I’ve read on the forums about Marauders, and Sentials are both shitty now that well it got me thinking, is it the classes themselves and their ablities, or is it because people become to dependent on the abilities that when they were renamed, removed, or just plain nerfed that they started to hate this. Now I had a Sith Warrior Marauder back in 2013 when I first signed up for SWTOR  , her name was “Eternal Shad”, hence why the Shadowlands server has “Greymoon” for a legacy last name, I was still heavily involved into Second Life that I opted to use that for a legacy last name. See in Second life, my screen name is “LadyShad0wz Greymoon” matter of fact I’ll have what they call a rezz day coming up on the 22nd of this month. I’ve been apart of the Second Life world for 5 years.

 But more onto the MMO …Shadowz is my rl nickname all cause people will see me once in a blood red moon. I know most say “Blue moon”, but eh, I’m addicted to vampires. But alias I don’t log into that world all that much anymore. Not since I’ve decided that my time is now better spent playing SWTOR or GW2. But yeah…..I’m done for now…I’m drawing blanks as this “Write a new post” page sits open!!
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