Can’t please them all apparently


Can’t please them all

So yesterday as so many of us SW fans in general were dying to hear all the new details being revealed at E3 by EA themselves. I couldn’t help but to laugh as I sat watching the live stream , and seeing all the great new games coming out on various things. I laughed all because of one thing. I knew this was going to happened once all the information surrounding the new expansion coming out this October 27, yes I’m glad that the leaked information proved to be spot on and etc. But back to what this title says. “Can’t please them all apparently” because guess what. I was right. You can’t please the gaming community EVER it seems. While some of us are happily and excited about the new expansion coming, there are others that are well less then that. I went scrolling through the official SWTOR forums last night before logging off and going to try and sleep. Low and behold I seen posts upon posts of people whining, bitching, moaning and complaining. While some were happy with the changes, and can’t wait to try it all out, there were those among them saying “NO LEVEL INCREASES” , or the infamous “OH NO, WHAT WILL THIS DO TO PVP?” types of forum posts. Yes I read just about everything I can stomach as for some of the posters, well they decide to stear from “Normal color” text, and go with those hard to read ones, and I for one am not all to keen on trying to highlight someone’s post just to read it. The SWTOR is on a darker side so it doesn’t bother me as much as light does tend to hurt my eyes quite a bit, but back to the forums. I was sitting here reading some of the things that were being posted outloud to my husband who in turn asked a very good question.



Why can’t they just be happy about some new content?

I sat back and thought about that for a moment and then started to laugh and explain to him that in an MMO like SWTOR you have your good seeds, and your bad seeds. Not saying that what the complaints are aren’t really justified, but some of them are just downright well no easier way to say it. F*cking Retarded If they are asking about gear, yeah that is understand since the best gear at the current moment from what I’ve read, and seen is given from Ziost , and then it’s just mods you can rip out of the gear, and place into another set of orange gear, at least that is what I do. I did not changed Daequis’s look since level 25, I got the outfit I wanted on him, and kept it on him throughout the whole thing. And he hit 60 the long hard way, and before the comms were adjusted for the Epic Story Boost that we currently have going on. So for him I became a cyber tech and made my own Mods and so forth, only thing I really had to buy were enhancements, and hilts as I don’t have one that does artifice as of yet, I may go back and do that just for something to do until new content comes out. I like many others wanted more story content to play as I’m pretty much a solo gamer, because Group Finder does nothing for me. I’ve tried it once my Daequis hit lvl 60, and was instant kicked because and I quote “Didn’t know the op, and was under geared” at the time. So I never went back. Toxicity even for a new Expan is still mind boggling to me. It seems everyone is either extremely hyped by it, or saying this is the end of SWTOR. Now from my understanding when they release this new Expan you get 11 Chapters to start out the new adventure, and hopefully they will stick to what they’ve said, and release new chapters as they get them done. Now onto the other pet peeve most have.



Now I have the games, just haven’t installed them and tried to play them on the PC just yet, but I will one day, but I know the back story of KOTR and I’m intrigued by it all. But I have read some of the novels, and some of the comic books, and to be honest. I like a variety. Sure they aren’t sticking the lore of KOTR, but then again really, what is the problem. They are introducing us to something new, something more powerful. What about Ziost? Is another topic I’ve seen somewhere, Unsure what their true plans are for the Insane Emperor running amok currently trying to kill the entire galaxy, who knows. Maybe they just haven’t figured out where to go on that. Who knows, then again the infamous one I’m hearing. “We all know this is the end of the PVP, FPs, Raids, and etc.” How does one know this without being in the room with the developers and writers, and so forth. We may be gamers and so forth, from casual to hardcore, but in reality of it all. Do we really understand the true mechanics of what it is to make a game like SWTOR, or any other MMO for that matter? Now if you’ve had some sort of computer degree into video game making and etc. Then yeah, I will listen to what you have to say, but if you’re just a player that has no degree in the video gaming industry, how can you judge them for not doing a good job? At one point in my life I wanted a life into video game industry , and applied to go to college to learn, but alias and sadly that didn’t happen. My RL issues at the time stopped that, and I just never thought about it anymore. Then again most people with these same types of degrees, are well let’s just say, flipping burgers, or dealing with rude customers in some off the wall store. Not everyone that graduates with their degree actually land jobs in their fields sadly. But it does bring me back to the question at hand. Why are we really so hard on the game developers? Hmmmm something to ponder about isn’t it. Until next time SW Fans…………………happy damn GAMING!!




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