PG-13 and up RP

PG-13 and X-rated RP’s


Now what this means is just that. Some RP guilds I’ve seen advertising have been well on the risque side of things. Now I’m not against ERP, but let’s just face it. It’s just another meaning of “Cybersex”, and does NOTHING for some folks. For other’s it’s how they define themselves. I guess I’m just old. I grew up in the chat rooms where there was regular chats, but behind the scenes we would tell others that sat quietly to share with the rest of the room, which usually mean they were in Instant Messages (Privately), while some got offended, others laughed it off and said they were discussing things we wouldn’t be interested in. Back then it wasn’t Roleplaying it was straight up Cybersex. Now all the while this song comes into play. I listen to various songs, and I remember when this group first came out , and the song well Here’s the video, just listen to it yourselves.



What you want to do with your time online is just that, but lately on the EH server, I see guilds recruiting with words “HEAVY ERP GUILD SEEKING”, now to me that just screams “Desperate”, I for one could never get the whole ERP but then again back in my day it was just called “Cybersex”. Just because one thought to call it Erotic Role-play doesn’t change the real term for it. It’s masturbating to a computer screen. But I guess people have to get it in various forms right? , There is nothing wrong with it, just don’t make a guild strictly for that because you’ll lose a lot of people in the long run. Now this will bring me to the next topic I have planned for this.


Is it considered cheating?


Now this topic has been picked apart no matter what. You have the ones that claim it is NOT cheating to the ones that do consider it cheating. Who is right and who is wrong here? Actually no one. It all comes down to your morals. If you have a good standard set of morals like say for instance “Marriage vows” , then yeah you won’t stray from your wifey/hubby whatever. But if you believe ERP or Cybersex isn’t cheating, because you never face the other person , then let me describe a scene for you in an fake setting.

You come home from a long hard day doing whatever job you have. Frustrated, and annoyed, but deciding to let what happen at work be left at your doorstep and not let it hinder the current task at hand. That is walking into the house, greeting your significant other, give them a kiss, and head off to the room where your computer sits. You then power it up, or wake it up, depending on how you log off or shutdown……..

You log into your favorite game/ chat, whatever.

So-So has logged in

You roam around the realms playing games, talking with friends and etc.

Catching up on various things that have happened while you were at work , checking on things that you’ve placed on sale, or whatever it is. Then you hear the familiar ping.

She/He has logged in.

You wait a few moments to give them time to rezz in, and you send a private message

So-So walks up to her/him and places their arms around them giving a hug and saying, “How I’ve missed you today.”

She/He feels your arms wrapping around, returning the hug, and responds with, “Ohh really ,just exactly how much did you miss me today, because it can’t nearly be as much as I’ve missed you.”


Meanwhile your significant other is left in the dark as they are not even aware of what has just transpired behind their back. Now many will say this isn’t cheating, it’s just a friendly exchange between friends. Nothing serious can ever be taken from having a little fun online. Then the others chime in that it is a form of cheating because your partner doesn’t know about it. Who is right and who is wrong? , depends on your morals I guess.

For me, I’ve had this done to me, but my ex was brave enough to do it in front of me, and then play it off that “It meant nothing”, then if it meant nothing, do you keep it up? , It was also my deal breaker because when I’m with someone I’m with that person alone. Now my hubby we’ve had our ups and downs, We were apart for about 13 years, recently reconnected about 2 years ago, been together ever since. But for me it is a form of cheating. I have a high standard as I grew up in a broken home and I refuse to be in that aspect again in my life.

If you don’t think it’s cheating, and you’re married go ask a divorce lawyer about this, and I’ll bet you 1,000 Credits in SWTOR that they will tell you it’s now an acceptable form of cheating and that a lot of the divorces now result in online activities. (if you take the challenge let me know in comments and I’ll find a way to get it to you)

But that isn’t what this topic is about. It’s about the sudden flood of spam I’m seeing from guilds in gen chat on the starter planets, and on the fleets, captial worlds and etc. All seem to be now advertising the “ERP/RP” era. Now I understand some have some different views on what type of Role-playing they are doing, and setting up, but let’s be realistic for a minute, not everyone wants to have a heavy RP or log into a heavy RP every time. Now me I’m the casual RPer when I wanted to do it in the past. I was once a story teller in the realm of pen and paper, yes I’m old , even though I doubt 38 is truly old, but eh, younger generations seem to think anyone over 25 is old. I have been playing games since I was about 5 years old. I had newer Atrai, and of course Intellivision. So yeah before you say it, Don’t . I know I’m old damn it! , LOL

As an only child I already had a leg up on the Role playing era because I had a few dozen imaginary friends, so yeah I’ve been creating off the wall things since I was a child. It helped keep part of my sanity if you can believe that. Now me if I was to create a guild and I’m still wanting one as I’m not finding one that I truly fit in. I would make it like this.

(Random Generator to think of SWTOR Lore type Guild)(Both Factions having sister guilds on both factions)

We are a new guild that is interested in getting all levels, all classes.

We will help you with gearing, pve, and all questions asked are never stupid.

If you want to RP we will have that set up as well, but it will NOT be forced onto anyone that doesn’t RP,

We are a casual guild looking to make new friends, and build a solid foot into the community.


Now that is just random whatever thrown together, but yeah it would be based on what everyone wants to do. I’d hope to attract a few PVPers for those that need help in PVP, and of course a level 60’s that know how to get into raiding, and end game content with SM and HM, along with NiM ops and so forth. But the Rp part would be totally up to the individual as I’m a firm believer to never force someone into something they don’t want to do, don’t know how to do and etc.


Now the other thing I’m seeing and I don’t think people truly understand the realistic terms they are using is a guild advertising about “Master/slave” …Unless and if I’m wrong. I appologize now, but I don’t think they realize that term alone will have some stearing clear of them because it’s falling into the category of BDSM and a lot of people will never venture into that realm. I understand in SW Lore slaves were common in the Empire, but I also don’t think these people realize that “Master/slave” is actually a real thing outside of gaming. There are entire communities based strictly on that idea alone. Hell just google “BDSM”, or “Master/slave” and you’ll see it’s not just RP, some of these people do live that lifestyle 24/7. So when advertising that, be careful because if you get one that does NOT RP that, and they will defend it because that is their chosen lifestyle outside of being vanilla as they call those that are not into that community.

For me cause I’m now just a casual gamer in all aspects even my RP has died because of influences and past experiences in Second Life that I no longer do para RP, and for those that don’t know what that is, well it’s paragraph style Role playing. It’s how I use to describe a lot around me, and etc when RPing as an outcast vampyr. (Do not Correct that), I prefer the classic term “Vampyr” over the standard english term “Vampire”. Yes even though I no longer RP as one, I’m still very touchy on that subject. I will defend it til my dying breath, it was after all the benchmark for me to get into LARP (Live Action Role Playing) …Ok now time to go find something else to do on this strange Wednesday Morning!

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