Humor and Rumor Thursday


Now we all love a good laugh, and hopefully at no-one’s expense at that, and lately I’ve been laughing my ass off at all the sudden explosions of Forum posts on the SWTOR Community forums. All speculating something good and or bad about the new Expansion coming out in October. I for one love the idea of knowing that there will be new story content. I’m not to worried about the choices I made with each character that hit level 60, and either become pure light or dark side. Nor the romances they had a lot the way. I for one love to live in suspense about not knowing to much about the new expansion. I know some of my fellow gamers don’t. They wanna know what will happen with their characters, companions and so forth. That’s their right to wanna know, but I like the element of surprize. Call me the odd one out there,but to me it’s like when you got presents as a kid during birthdays, holidays and so forth. While some cheat and find out what they were getting. I was left in suspense until that day. The only gift for Christmas I hated getting and seemed to have at least that one family member getting them was “New socks and underwear”, I mean really? I don’t care what my underwear and socks look like, I was a frigging kid back then, I wanted TOYS!!!!, but then again I got upset when I was forced to get barbie dolls, and baby dolls. I was the typical tomboy. I wanted remote control cars, Matchbox cars, tonka trucks, etc. My father provided that for me  the most. He knew I was not ever gonna be a girly girl. Then again Barbie served her purpose. I’d make nooses and hang her from the ceiling which freaked my mother out, but she then understood that I was one twisted kid.

But back to this “NO SPOILER” content. I did not read one bit of the spoilers when it came to each class chapters as I progressed through them. Only time I searched for help on them was usually the end boss fight, but after I found a youtube video of each fight. I watched only the fight and then stopped it because I did NOT want it to spoil the rest of the chapter for me, usually the ending. But now I see a swarm of people wanting the content to be spoiled. Please for the love of all things in a new expansion DO NOT SPOIL IT. Some of us want the element of surprize, even though there is probably a majority that doesn’t want to wait and spoil it for the rest of us. I truly know I am an odd one. To me it’s like buying a book. Open up the first page, read the prologue, then jump to the last page, and read the ending. I could never do that, I would purposely skip the beginning and dive right into Chapt. 1, and read there. Trust me at one time I was reading 4 books a day that is how fast I was going through my favorite genre which is “Paranormal Romance”, Bus trips to the city, I read, car rides same thing. I’d always have a book with me, and it was hard to put them down when I first started reading them. Ok let me say this right now, I have a vivid imagination and I would place myself inside the book and become those characters as I read it. Odd right? Not really. It was just how I am. It’s just like my SWTOR Characters. I place myself inside with them and their characters, now I know some may ask this, “How can you place yourself inside a male character?”

This is easy for me, being a tom-boy I can think both ways, while I think the lacking of being able to think solo as a female is more of a mystery to me then being able to think of that in terms of males. Well that is quite odd. I’ve always been able to do that, guess that is why I didn’t have a lot of boyfriends, I had male friends, that would joke around with me, hell I make friends easier with males then I do females in all reality because of how I am.



Now this area well. It’s just that rumors, We all hear them from time to time, doesn’t always mean in MMO’s, but yeah there is a rumor mill going around in SWTOR community about our previous companions, but I’ve recently read on the forums that was a semi little insight as to what is going on. You can read it here ,or if you want a clearer version. Here as well. But again if you read the comments it’s still speculating about various things. I understand that in our community as twisted as it may be at times, we all need the desire to start a rumor, or feed a rumor. I for one, believe in hearing things coming straight from the horses mouth so to speak. I don’t know why I am this way, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in it either. I have my thoughts about things, but I keep them to myself until it’s confirmed just as I had thought out. So when all you see are rumors and humor taking place. Take it with a grain of salt, and watch out for the bad mouthers, cause those are the ones that wanna ruin everything for everyone. I am one that just can not wait until the new story content is delivered. I just hope and pray that over the next few months they don’t spoil the element of surprize for me , because then that will make me less likely to play it with more indepth of wanting to find out things through out each chapter as I progress through the Story line. So yeah, I won’t be listening to rumors , unless I find them incrediably humorous.!! Happy Gaming

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