Erizack Greymoon-Imperial Ghost Agent

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Name: Erizack

Gender: Male

Relationship Status- Married (To who you have to guess)

Age: 27 (Give or take)

Occupation-Imperial Agent now a Ghost for the Empire

Speciality- Operative

About Me: I am a human that was not force sensitive but yet that did not stop the Empire from recruiting me. It was because of my skills in going stealth, manipulating others, and being able to lie, cheat, murder and have no problems doing so that I was offered a place within Imperial Intelligence now known as the Sith Intelligence. I have chosen to live life as a ghost only because of my recent dealings with the former Keeper who was promoted to Minister of Intelligence by Darth Jadus that I decided to wipe the slate clean. I wanted no connection what so ever to another Sith Lord of the Dark Council so when the chance came to wipe myself from existence, I did just that. I am feared, and yet I am also hated, but that does not concern me ever. What does concern me is that I’m still alive, and still live by a code that I uphold for myself. I have waviered into the dark side on a lot of my decisions, and I do not regret what I’ve done. It was and still is always for the greater good of the empire. I do not have a blood family anymore as those memories were wiped clean a while back, so in all reality I am a ghost. My family now is the crew on my ship. They are my family and I love each and everyone of them even when I wish to push them out of an airlock. And this is my tale that is still not ended yet.

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