Thanks Zernebog for an idea……………..

Just like the title states, even though there is “Shawcade ” on the Ebon Hawk server. I decided to take a play from a friend that blogs about something he does, and I thought eh, what the hell right?, so I haven’t transferred any toons, but instead on the Ebon Hawk now sits a Radqa, Sith Warrior Jugg, leveling up the same way I did with Shawcade. Epic Boost, and using HK-51 , I can deal with the red over his name at the moment.


First short video is Radqa over on the Shadowlands server. The current Jugg Tank that I’ve been tossing around with since the other day. He will always be on Shadowlands Server, so just a short vid, and btw I hate that bonus boss, can’t Disrupt his ass at all once he starts.

Next up we have the newly created Sith Warrior Jugg, same tree spec. Tank, and He’s currently heading off to another planet, but this was his Final Mission on Balmorra, His name is also “Radqa” yeah ! Watch out, next will probably be a Sith Inquis named ……..To be announced later……….



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