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Yes it’s that time of the week, where most hate it, I for one have no solid opinion anymore on the day they call MONDAY!!

Now when I was younger I hated mondays because that meant I had to get up and go to school, but now that I’m an adult , well to me it’s just a day I’d rather forget all together, same with Friday, then again most of my days run together or I lose a day or two here and there. I’m sure I’m not the first one to get like this, and won’t be the last one either. Then again I wasn’t a typical child either, my bed time and yes this will be a shocker for some, was actually 9:00pm EST time when I was growing up. I did not require the usual 6-8 hours sleep, no I had to have at least 10-12 hours solid sleep before even attempting to get me up. Here is an example of how hard it was to get me up as a kid.

Mother starts at 7:00 am

Mom: Insert nickname here, it’s time to get up and get ready for school.

Me: Just 5 more minutes.

Mom: Okay.

5 minutes later.

Mom: Insert first name here, It is really time to get your ass up and get ready for school.

Me:Okay I’m up.

10 Minutes pass by no sound from me.

Mom: Insert first and middle name here, You don’t want me to come in there and get you up.

Me: Uh-huh, I’m up,

15 Minutes pass and still nothing.

Mom: Inserts full name (First,Middle,Last) IF you DO NOT Get your ass out of bed NOW you will miss the bus, and I will NOT take you to school.

Me:Whatever. Just let me sleep.

There you have it, now this just wasn’t a monday thing, this was whole 5 day thing. I did not want to get up, I did not want to go to school, and I was that bad as a child. By the time I hit High School. I was losing sleep. TV, Video games, etc. I lost sleep, and now that I’m an adult. I’m lucky I can sleep at all now. Odd how growing up I spent majority of my childhood wanting to sleep, now as an adult , I rarely get the chance to sleep. But now onto our scheduled programming.

But I have a few insane ramblings that I must get out. Ohhhhh fun, or not. Who knows?

First up we have my infamous searching still for the right



For the life of me, I just can’t seem to find the right guild for me. I suck at PVP, I suck at crafting now with Epic boosts, and I don’t really know much about operations and etc. I even took the infamous SWTOR Ideal Guild Quiz and could not finish it because it does NOT meet my standards. So where does that leave me, well on EH, I’m still guildless, same with JC and Shadowlands. Not sure bout the other servers, not even sure I’m still in the one on the RE Server now that I haven’t logged into that one for a good week or more. I’m beginning to think I’m just one of the ones that doesn’t meet a guild’s standard. Most that I see spam are and this is just an example of ones I’ve seen recently looking for lvl 60’s, but will take lower level players only to help them progress to lvl 60. Or, ones that in RP-PVE of EH of “Master/slave”, and or “Master/apprentice”, vice verse if you’re on the Repub side, but no “Master/slave” guilds. Even though I’m sure they have them there, they just conformed to Republic being against slavery there. Now for me, the ideal guild for me is this.

1. If you wanna RP , you can, it’s optional and up to the character.

2. Wanna play just story content, or pve, fine that is up to you.

3. Wanna be social and help out when can. Again left up to you.

4. Respect is a two way street, you give and get respect.

5. Drama kept a minium (Only cause you can not live life without drama, funny drama is fun, insulting drama is and will not be tolerated)

6. Elite attitudes aren’t welcomed. We all play the game our own way. You can NOT force someone to play a certain way.

and last but not least

7. Over all have fun, and if higher levels wanna start raiding, Ops and etc. Help out when can, and use the guild as a building ladder to build the a solid good Ops team, as NO ONE is a worthless in the game.


Which brings me back to thinking that maybe I should really try to create this ideal guild I have in mind. Not for the solo stand point, but because I want a guild where it’s openly focused on ALL content not just one or two aspects of game play. Now if someone that PVP’s wants to join, they would be more then welcomed to help other players learn how to become a contender in pvp that’d be great. Even accept higher levels that wanna help build Ops teams and etc.

I won’t add an application system to a guild from a website. Sorry but to me, that just turns me off even more. I don’t care if you recruit or not, but gesh, don’t make me fill out a 10 page application online which to me is a waste of my time, and time I could be helping some lowbie level up his/her character.


Would it have a cross faction? Meaning would it be on either Empire or Republic side, only if there was a strong call for it. Yes I would have to create a faction for both sides. Make it a brother/sister guild.

What about voice? Sorry but only thing I’ll ever be able to afford would be Skype, I have it because it’s “FREE” and I don’t have to pay to have a subscription running. I did that in the past when I use to DJ, rented a stream online and loved it, but when I stopped Djing, I let my stream go. Have no plans on ever becoming a gaming DJ again in my life. The fun died when I stopped caring about jobs in Second Life.

But over all Eh, this is nothing more then a pipe dream for me. in GW2 I have a guild, that only has me in it, as I don’t recruit due to the fact that I don’t play enough anyways, but in SWTOR yes I would actually recruit just to try and make friends and build it into something bigger.


tumblr_nis8ndIrKZ1rqwlkko1_1280Onto my other surprize I said I had on an edit post I did I believe on Saturday. Something a friend gave me an idea for. Radqa on EH is official. I didn’t play with him all because well Daequis who is my lvl 60 Sith Inquistor sitting on another server has been brought to life on the EH Server as well. I decided I loved those names so much that both Radqa and Daequis are pure sithblood species that I would make into BROTHERS…so yeah I’m bouncing between leveling those two up…..But eh, I’ll do a new post in a few days on Radqa and what is going on there…Just keep an eye out!

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