Gamers (It’s just a label)

This morning I read to very well written, thought out articles on “GAMERS” First one I read was from Gamersdecrypyed asking “What is a gamer?” and then followed up by with Defining “gamer” the Murf way, now both articles are very well detailed, and well written. So this left me to even think about a conversation I had with my husband recently. Yes we talk and as strange as it may sound. We have a good time talking about my “Lack of gaming” as he calls it. For months now when his friends ask him, “What does your wife do all day when you’re not home, or even when you are home?” He always responds with, “Oh she plays Star Wars, and Guild Wars, and whatever other games she can play, but she’s not a gamer.” So according to my husband , even though I do play video games I’m not a gamer. Funny and Strange I know. But what they do fail to realize I don’t put myself into a category of being a gamer, that is a label I avoid. Much like the label of “Goth”, Yes for most when they see me, I’m a gothic looking woman, something that most say is strictly for the teenage generation. But if they only knew. I’ve also been called an Emo, and while sometimes I am emotional, I’m not a damn screaming , whining. Since the young age of 14, I’ve been dealing with labels for so long that I gave up listening to them. I’ve had a lot of mental health labels over the years, now we come to the kind of music I listen too, and I’m clumped in with that genre label as well. Then this with video games. Now for me , and even my husband has explained this one to me, and as much as I would have loved to slap him silly, which come to think of it, I did verbally. He broke it down into 3 Categories.

Causal Gamer: Someone who plays when bored.

Semi-Hardcore Gamer: Someone that plays and has guides, and what not to help them advance to the next level.

Then his favorite.

Hardcore Gamer: Someone that eats , sleeps, and lives around a video game, and has all the consoles, the best of the best in PCs, all the add ons, all the accessories they need to play a game.


Now that I look at his thoughts of how he defines gamers, I must say, he can be most times quite brilliant in his thinking. This says a lot for someone who is completely pc, internet dumb. His words not mine, He claims to be a novice at the PC, and he really is. I’ve tried to get him involved and he just doesn’t have the focus. He’s more of the old school consoles that make up for a lot more of his life. Now at one time I had Nintendo , Super NES, Sega, Sega Genesis, Playstation, and Playstation 2. But I sold them because once I got hooked to the PS 2 , The graphics to me were dull in comparsion. But now I can kick myself for selling them because I probably could have gotten a lot more money now for the retro gaming systems. But if I had to put myself into the category of “What is a gamer?”, I would say I’m between my husband’s term of Causal to Semi-Hardcore. When I played the console games like Final Fantasy VII, and so forth. I did buy the brady game guides and got a discount on buying the two together. I use to keep an active subscription to Gameinformer from Gamestop. I still have my gamestop card, even though I no longer use it. So yeah if I had to be clumped into a catergory it would be causal to semi-hardcore. But I don’t believe in labels, and most don’t realize that those that use those kind of labels are actually trying to say “we as a gaming community are addicted to playing video games.” , now come on, I can think of worse things to be addicted too then playing video games. Do I get the shakes when I can’t play? Not at all. I just find something else to do. Like read blogs, read about new video games coming out. Or I play my RPG of Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines, or well like this morning. I was up and did that one blog post, then went back to bed after kicking hubby out for the day. I want and love my alone time to play. He has a habit of distracting me when playing sometimes with his comments, or even in general his breathing. Yes I am one moody damn woman and am not afraid to admit it. I’m gonna be 38 in Dec, and I’m going through a change of life early so yeah I’m moody. Deal with it. But this topic had me thinking even as I sleep. I think that is why I can’t really sleep that well. I tend to think of strange things as I’m sleeping as my brain does not take a minor break ever. If it did. I would be afraid.


Something that sparked a smartass comment to me over at Gamersdecryped was this
Gamers Decrypted


The highlight parted is what got my response from this.
My responce

So there you have it in a nutshell. My thoughts on what it is to be a gamer, and what is it. I like variety of games, but still mostly to what I care about more than anything. I have done the solo RPGs, I’ve done the action games. I love myself some need for speed, Test drive, etc. I am a fan for fast cars. In a nutshell. I just am myself and I love to play video games. Nothing more can be said. Now that SW:ToR is done installing the latest patch. I am going to go play now.! Happy tuesday gaming!

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