HK-51 and His comments

Well I recently blogged bout our favorite companions and while no one has bitten on that yet. I’ve decided I was going to give a little more info into why I’m so addicted to HK-51. I just recently rolled a new character at Ebon Hawk, and was accepted into the Guild that Zernebog told me about. This time I rolled another Imperial Agent named : Ericzack

Now because it’s not easy to get HK at some point because a lot don’t want to do the quests, but of course I see a lot more now that people are doing his quest alone, and that’s great. I even started to help a guildie get his HK, and well never mind I won’t be going there.


Normally when I got companions I didn’t pay much attention to them at all. I got Treek back around the X-mas season when she was , I believe half off for a time. I unlocked her so I could have her on all my toons. Just something I wanted to do at the time, plus that time of year, it was around my birthday, and that was my gift to myself. Wasn’t until after I beat Revan, and etc that I group up and decided to start hunting for the HK parts. (That was my bad guild experience from the past) so when I got all his parts, and went to unlock HK-51. I knew on the Shadowlands server which was my home sever for so long only cause of the “Shadow” in the name, and plus being a total noob, I didn’t know you could roll on any server really just as long as you knew what you were picking. I knew Shadowlands because an ex-friend introduced me to SW:ToR and well that’s another past about online friendships that don’t turn out how they want. I decided I was not going to go through the hassles of finding someone to run the heroics with so I could get HK again. I spent the Cartel Coins and unlocked him Legacy wide. Because of the CC that well to me is because it was real money that bought the CC’s to begin with. I tend to hoard them for a while at least, even my monthly amount which I do fair good on,but anyways I don’t always rush to get HK when I roll a new toon, because I am never sure until the last minute if I’m going to keep that toon or not because to me that’s wasting money on HK if I have no desire to keep the toon.


I never really paid much attention to him, got him mainly cause I heard people say he was good for crafting, and mission skills. Well lately I’ve been using him and A LOT. Since I’ve been using him, I’ve been finding out he’s quite comical if you really listen to his talks. More so then my other companions who just normally complain about something or another. But not DS Jaesa, there she’s just plain psycho. But anyways, here are some of HK’s famous sayings I’ve captured ingame, and resized to just show his text.






He does seem to keep my husband and I both laughing hard when he starts to talk. Matter of fact my husband will shut up just to hear HK talk, because he knows HK is probably the best smart ass droid in the galaxy of Star wars. I mean who would think that right? But even when you initially get him, one of his opening lines when you tell him about killing, he says this.

swtor 2015-06-28 22-31-09-57

Anyways happy reading, and enjoy the laughter, because I do.

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