Radqa-The Sith Warrior

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Name: Radqa

Species: Sith Pureblood

Sith Warrior Juggernaunt

Tree Skill: Immortal

Age: No one really knows.

Legacy: Greymoon

Server: The Shadowlands

About Me: Not much can be said about me during my younger days, but as I grew older, I was told I had a strong connection with the force, so I began an extensive training regement of training to be a warrior. It was then that most seen me as nearly indestructible. I was a tank and I was damn good at handling a lightsaber. It was then I was told I would further my training at the Sith Academy and become a Sith Warrior. Now I just laughed, because I was already a sith, but they didn’t mean much when it came to blood, they were talking about the age old of being a sith warrior, one of their most fierce machines that were just as dark and twisted as the ones that played with lightening. So I went and trained at the Academy on Korriban, and my instructors seen how powerful I was and knew the force was strong in me, but one  acolyte that was constantly in my face until I made him food for the tomb creatures that were hungry. It was then that my destiny was changed, and I would become something more then just another pawn in some sick Darth’s game, I would become something else, and I would become powerful. More of the story to come

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