ERP? I mean seriously?

ERP Seriously?


Okay before I even get started on this, let me say this first and foremost. I don’t care about one’s personal methods of self pleasure,(Yes I’m being or at least trying to be nice here). I have been online for roughly around 17 years, I’m not entirely sure when I joined the interweb. But I’ve seen a lot in these years from poor shotty online chat rooms, to virtual worlds. From IRC down to an chat room, yeah I’m old don’t rub that in. After the close of certain chats, there emerged one that was just a virtual chat room with avatars, (no not second life) Second life wasn’t even thought of yet. The image below will show you what they called “Virtual Chat” back then.


This image was how I spent a lot of my time online back then. Sitting in a non animated room that was created by someone, and used random images to pose as “yourself” while hiding behind a screen name. It was a great place to get lost when you had nothing to do. Also remember back then during this time there was really only Dial-up internet providers like Earthlink, and a few others. Most would cost I believe $21.99US a month sometimes even more. DSL, and Cable (not unless you had a high paying job), there also was no WI-FI. Imagine living in a world like that today? Yeah , no I can’t either. AOL was good for sending those free cds in the mail and etc to get you to sign up for an online provider, giving you so many free hours, but alias they had a catch 22, unless you had friends and etc. that hated AOL and would give you the cds, you were gonna pay for it. Anyways back then it wasn’t called “Erotic Role-play” it was straight up “Cyber-sex” Follow this link and read what usually happened to some , not me because I was never hype on this kind of stuff. Even sometimes after you’ve become friends and hung out in the same chat rooms and etc for months, it became a Friends with benefits kind of thing. I get people will call it whatever they want, but to me it’s just masturbating to words on a screen. I guess it truly is whatever floats ones boat. I will probably catch slack for this blog post, but in all seriousness since I’ve rolled on the Ebon Hawk server. I see guilds recruiting all the time with this line in it. “<Insert Guild Name Here> is currently recruiting, we are a heavy RP with ERP included, we live by the Sith Code’s one Line “There is only passion.” It’s not the exact wording, but yeah you get the idea of what they are looking for. I mean we all have tried to Role-play at some point in our lives. I came from the age old Pen and Paper of Vampire The Masquerade, then upgraded to para (paragraph) RP, forums that were used to RP with, and etc. Being online made it easier for the Role players to turn their characters into something more then just a name on a piece of paper. Then there is second life. Where I spent a good 3 years lost in it. I became an avid RPer for vampires, then got a job to support my shopping habit in there, I became an online DJ, but all the while I watched new SIMS (Not the game) but pieces of land in there, pop up with advertisements about becoming an escort , and some even have dark theme rp places, they like to RP with rape.  Why anyone would RP that is beyond me? It’s not a joking matter, but yeah there are some twisted people in this world. But back to SW:ToR though, I understand everyone has their perference in playing this MMO, and because they see the game with “RPG” in it , must mean well we gotta Role-play. That is not what the RPG meant in all reality. It was designed with the story element in mind. Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, those are RPGs , and well from now what I’m reading online that even ERP has been there and back again.

I’ve even had the displeasure of someone even believing they were actually married to their companion. While running a group content a while back, this guy wanted to use Mako (He was a BH) and insisted on me leaving HK-51 on the ship because he wanted to bring his wife with him. I didn’t even go there. I said whatever floats your boat, and dismissed HK. I understand that we can romance our companions in the game, but I believe some people take that a little to far. Yeah I crack jokes about mine but gesh. I would never insist on having that characters “Wife/Husband” with them all because they romanced them enough too. But what I’m not understanding , and I’ve had a few blame this one age, is I don’t get the hype of ERP online at all. I understand if you wanna add spice to your RL that you can make up stuff like that, and in reality that is where ERP should be. Between two people that can actually fullfill that fantasy better. I understand it all comes to ones imagination but let’s face it here. In the end you are still alone playing with yourself in front of your computer (unless you go to video conference) which some have done that too. Maybe I just like being a mysterious figure online. I rarely let my voice heard, my real name get out, anything really. I’ve had many bad experiences with stalkers online that I just choose now to live in the shadows (yes pun intended), but the stalker bit is for another post in the future possibly. Who knows. I never do. I just get inspiration sometimes when I can. I just don’t know. Think it’s time to go kill Darth Zhorrid now though as I’ve finally woken up enough I can log into SW:ToR and play.

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