What inspires you to blog?

This is not my typical post about SW:ToR. Matter of fact I’ve been spending the evenings away from SW:ToR, not because I am agitated or anything, but I am married , and I have to make time for my husband, so we’ve been spending time together watching movies, and it gives my eyes a rest from the game as well. But even as I watch movies, I look for inspiration and strangely enough sometimes I will get inspired to use something I’ve seen or heard in a movie as a jump start into something. Whether it be a short story, a prop into a background story of a character, or something, sadly though one does not put horror/paranormal into their SW:ToR characters though, but I have had a tendancy in the past to rewrite it to make it more sci-fi and that is strange I’m able to do it. I’ve had friends in the past tell me I should have been a writer of short stories because I’ve come up with unique ones for them to read. Back in my days of P&P (pen and paper) Role-playing I was the story teller, I was the one that came up with the fictional city, the insane events for them to do and etc. I was the one they wanted to take my ideas and try to make them into live action, and sometimes it worked. I was very much into the dark side of life. I played Vampire the Masquerade, so everything there was easy for me. I knew a lot about vampires already, and I enjoyed that world so much that when I found second life even I made my avatar into a vamp/goth type. But I’ve been wondering what and how do other blog writers get their inspiration to blog about what they do. While I read a lot of things online, RSS Feeds are awesome, same with forums. You can learn so much by reading how some people are. Even with their typos and etc. You can find inspiration in just about anything you read, watch, listen to and etc. I have a tendancy to listen to a radio station online when doing some of my posts here. I enjoy music a lot. For me it keeps the beast at bay.


If you’re interested in seeing what my Vamp RP Character was, well here the link to her recreation a year ago. It was before I finally walked away and put my second life into a state of slumber. I still have my account there, and I do sometimes frequent it there. I do own a shop in that virtual world.This is from my twitter profile. Yes, that is also why the “SADESIGNZ.org” exist as well. I bought this domain last year when I was still in second life, so yeah. I can not forget my second life existence in there because it helped me through some dark times in life.Shad0wzGreymoon (@Shad0wzGreymoon) - Twitter 2015-07-02 10-45-24

I still have people on twitter that follow me cause of second life. Even though I no longer truly associate with that world often anymore. I pay for it too. I just can’t see giving it up because I do have friends in there, and I do go and see them from time to time, but it was because of second life that I got into SW:ToR too, a friend introduced me the game through one of our conversations. I also learned a lot more about live action role playing via a computer generated world too because of that place. So before anyone asks me what is Second Life? It’s a virtual world with games built into it by it’s residents, that is what they call the accounts in there. There is no end game, it’s just a social MMO ironically. Yes second life is called an MMO only because it does support massively multiplayer online

But a lot of my inspiration now comes from the SW:ToR forums, Gen chat of the fleets, and or captial planets like DK on the Empire side. I don’t frequent Republic side often because well I’ve come to label that as some of the most toxic chat around. They are really worse then the Imp side. Anymore I’ve just avoided watching that general chat as well because it’s becoming toxic now as well since server transfers are so cheap. The so-called “Elites” are moving from various servers to find a more active PVP area, and I can’t blame them in all reality, but let’s just face it. If you’re claiming to be an “ELITE” what that tells me is this. “I am really a frustrated person on the outside, and I come here to vent my frustrations to everyone and take it out on them.” So instead of trying to improve the life of some servers, they are moving and causing more issues than anything. I had often thought about rolling a new toon to lvl up with PVE and some PVP, but then the cheap transfers happened so yeah that will not be happening now. On my legacy I have some pvp achievements , but damn that was before 3.0 , and back then there really wasn’t a strong “ranked” going on or if there was, I didn’t pay attention to it. I mostly PVPed on one name only cause I used it as a way to level up if I was close towards the end of my class story, and was bored out of my mind. So yeah I have a small amount of achievements in PVP, just not a whole lot. I grinded my 1st legacy to 47 then stopped playing for a good while , came back and moved one character that ended up grinding the rest of the way to level 50, so now if I move one character to another server, that legacy moves with them, and they don’t wanna hear “Noob” in PVP when I have achievements listed. Well if they would bother to look at the dates, they would see it was before SoR , and way before 3.0 , so the characters that got those achievements don’t exist anymore I deleted them!! , but I know I could come up with some inspiration from PVPers too. I just can’t be bothered to and I quote “Grow a thick skin”,  to deal with the toxicity. So I just avoid PVP all together. I know I’m not missing much in that aspect of it all though, so it doesn’t really bother me much.

But now I pose this question to the blogging community.

What inspires you to write?


My answer: For me it’s a creative outlet, a place I can express my thoughts , feelings and etc. Doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. They are just my own personal experiences, and opinions that I want to share with the readers of my small blog. Plus I feel with reading each other’s posts and etc., well gives us a way of knowing someone in this big WWW universe we all tend to partake in. Keep up on reoccuring events, get help on certain things, and look at the world through someone else’s words. Plus a lot of writers don’t usually admit that they too sometimes need a little inspirational push into creating something wonderful. So this is my short but sweet answer to my own question. You’re welcome to reblog this question yourself and share an answer or just leave a reply in comments.

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