Sexual Harassment and when is it enough?

I’ve recently decided to roll a new character during this epic boost on the Ebon Hawk server. I decided I was going to roll a Jedi Consular (Shadow with spec in inflitration) Jarzicris

Well while running around Tython doing all the class quests so I can move onto with this class, I get an ingame whisper. Now mind you, I don’t really get whispers or tells all to much because I am just usually off doing my own thing, and dont pay attention to them, but this one made me stop and pay attention. Since I was not replying fast enough, or right away this person keeps going on and on about my characters physical appearance, now I know everyone has their set Body types for their characters. All my male characters are usually made with Body type 3, because well let’s face it, the rest just eh, do nothing for the outfits I put my characters into. I mean come on, BT-1 reminds me of a little boy, BT-2 reminds me of a high school kid, BT-3 (My favorite) has height, and well defined muscles,(not that muscles are what im after), and BT-4 well I won’t go there. Those are for the males.

For the females you have BT-1 which reminds me of a pre-puberty school girl, BT-2 , looks like someone who doesn’t believe in eating food at all, and wants to be a rail, BT-3 has height and some weight in all the right places in my belief, and BT-4, well I havent even went past 3, so no clue what 4 looks like. Back to the whisper/tell. This one is where I draw the line. I don’t care what your RP is , what you find fascinating about my character, etc. I play because I want to play. I pay for my game monthly. So since I’m paying to play, I do not appericate being harassed by another player and especially sexually because let’s face it. I just don’t get the whole concept of masturbating to words on a screen. This person starts to call my character “Bubble butt”, that I overlook. I don’t care, but I drew the line when they started following me, and started harassing me in private. Saying how they wish they could enter the cave I was heading to before me, and hide in the shadows and catch me off guard as I pass by them, so they could just tie me up and have their way with me. I read that and went WTF? instantly as a response, they just laughed it off like it was some kind of joke. Yeah it’s a joke alright, a sick and twisted one. One I will not be partaking in. I didn’t even let them finish their little fantasy right there as I clicked on their character, then on the icon where the face shows up, clicked to report for harassment, sent off a ticket explaining what was being said, and etc. I don’t know if Bioware will do anything to this person, but I will not condone that type of behavior at all. Then as they were still typing away in my private messages, I decided I had enough of them, and posted this as my final response. “I hope you enjoy getting off to your pervy little message, enjoy whatever time you have left in game, because I just reported you for harassment, have a good day/night and welcome to ignore.” Then because I was so frustrated at that, I logged out, went and did some stuff around the apartment (made a strawberry cheesecake), decided I would blog this out, I know that person is on my ignore list in SWTOR for good now, I just hope bioware takes it serious and does something, because even though I’m on a RP server. I will not be dragged into some twisted sick individuals game online.


But now it has me thinking about this. When is it enough in all reality ?

I mean I didn’t even stay to respond all that much to this person, I did nothing to provoke it, and yet they felt the desire to start a RP that I was not gonna be dragged into. There are reasons for the type of RP people do. I play on a server where it’s rampant, especially the ERP , I mean if you get off on that kind of stuff, so be it. I don’t like it , I don’t want no parts of it, and really can’t see why anyone believes they should be doing it anyways. But seriously though it has me thinking now that maybe I should just stay with making male toons as even though I’m a female, I just don’t like being singled out like that. There were other females running around half dressed and such, I was in my starter quest gear, and so was he, but for him to send me a private message like that, well that just crawls under my skin so to speak.


(A Little info on why it bothers me so much)

I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, and a teenager. I was molested at a young age, then raped as a teenager. so yeah sexual role play turns me off, specially when it felt like it was going into that dark area in life. I’ve lived it, survived it, and have become a help to some girls and boys that thought it was their fault, because at the times it happened to me, I honestly believe it was my fault. All kids do when bad things happen. Whether it be online or offline , describing things like what that person started to describe just shows me that he/she has no respect for anyone online or maybe even offline. For some that think playing that role is fun, trust me it’s not. So that is why I did what I did. I reported them, then placed them on ignore. I am not in SW:ToR for anyone’s sheer sexual pleasure. If you wanna get off watching toons do it. Then go to second life where sex is really the hottest thing there , or just google “Anime Sex” and you’ll find tons of sites to get your rocks off. Because I will say this just once. Try this woman on that area again, and I will do more then just report their ass. I will burn it so hard they will thinkĀ  twice before trying to RP that area again.


Onto happy things, and back to my scheduled gaming time (Happy Friday everyone)

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