Events in SW:ToR (Overall break this past weekend)

So as the title states this time around I thought I’d blog a little about the ingame events we have in SW:ToR and how some feel it effects their game play. Now mind you since what happened Friday to me, I’ve decided I was going to take time off and away from the game and computer in general. I watched movies online yesterday with hubby, and didn’t really feel like being in the game so to speak. Not to mention he’s a little ticked off that someone would actually harass me in the game like that too. But I’ve been thinking of the Night Life Event, and of course the Rakghoul Plague event that is currently running this weekend. Night event I only do once my character gets their ship, and use the 5 free chips they give because I do not believe in wasting my credits for a Rancor I’ll never get, an exploding machine that will not happen for me , not anything else. Even though on Radqa even though he was lvl 60, hit for the one speeder off the Kingpin slots. Other than that, My 5 free chips usually end up into about 10 with the “Double Chip” win. So I’ve pretty much maxed out the achievements there, minus the last 2 with the Rancor and buying that one other mount. Now the Rakghoul event. I loved it when I did it on Radqa over on the EH Server. I did it the first day , asked for a group, got a good group that was all flagged for PVP, which because I revived one I got flagged, but no one bothered me as I was flagged for PVP, we went did the heroics, helped out a few others, then afterwards went our merry ways. I was going to go back and do the dailies, but eh, I’m one of those types that it becomes boring after the 1st run. I find no sheer enjoyment outta infecting others, and after reading the forums since this event started. I’m just glad I was smart enough before hand to buy the vaccine, then place it in my cargo bay storage until I needed it. Not that 2,000 Credits is a lot,but saved me from having to deal with idiots that love to infect others. Since the other day though I just haven’t felt playing SW:ToR at the moment. I don’t know if it’s because of that one wanting to stalk me, or because I’m so sick and tired of hearing the whining and complaining about how Bioware should not force someone to participate in their events like the Rakghoul one. And then since the server transfers being so cheap. I really don’t wanna hear every 5 minutes or so that “This guild is recruiting” or “That guild is recruiting” , I’m sorry but I’ve come to believe that when a guild has to literally beg for players. They aren’t that great to begin with. I just can’t seem to be bothered with it at the moment. Much like most of SW , I can’t be bothered. It’s probably because I have 3 missions on Radqa that will probably never be finished, 1st one is the Op at Oricon. 2nd is The Seeker Droid Mission in Illum as a Heroic 4, same with Macrobinoculars. I did try that one solo, and got the last boss on the sky barge down to 34% before he killed me off. The 3 I have seen on youtube done by a group, and yet I can’t find any that wanna do it. Strange too because I was seeing at least the Seeker Droid one, a few times on Illum when I was there, but I haven’t been back to do anything there since I helped out another guildie with their False Emperor FP a while back. Which I felt extremely odd because they were lvl’s 53, and there I stood at lvl 60 with a massive stack of HP, compaired to their HP of like 15k to 18k. But this weekend I just feel the need to play at all. So took a few days off for myself and my husband. It’s nothing big really and I’m sure we all go through bouts like this, where you wanna go play, but you don’t wanna go play. Even though I’m a little more social now then I was in the past. I’m feeling the need to go back into that shell so to speak. Go from being helpful and nice to being well just totally silent again. I think a lot of it also has to do with the one guildie yelling me at one night while hunting for their HK parts. I did not know they had a slow internet connection. They didnt tell me squat , and assumed that I knew. Sorry I may be able to do some things in a paranormal type thing, but mind reading is NOT one of them. Demanding that I go somewhere I didn’t start out in , well that gets you no where at all. I think overall in everything I’m just losing the flair of the game all together. I’ve done all 8 Classes, Maxed out a legacy to level 50, and etc. I’m trying to work on legacy achievements now, but it’s just blah to me. I’ve been trying to max out rep on certain things and again it’s just blah to me. I’ve lost the feeling of achieving something great in the game for the time being. Will I quit though? Nah, I’ll do what I always do. Walk away for a few days , come back and play for a few hours, then go find something else to do, I may even go back to working on my unfinished paranormal novel that sits on an external hard drive. The forums are becoming a bore to me, I’m just at the point right now where I want to continue improving my SW experience, but also don’t want to rush into anything fast. I’ve decided that Radqa will continue to be a Tank that DPS with Immortal spec. After watching and reading all the shit tanks get..Nah, Radqa will be a good DPS because I do and will not give up the immortal spec, but just won’t be tanking with him. He does good in both forms he has to use. Solo wise I will always Tank with HK at my side, but in a group, Nope, I’ll play the DPS cause it’s easier for me. Matter of fact a lot of my tanks are gonna be strictly DPS’s from now on. Only cause no one really calls out for many DPS, as they do Tanks. To play a healer? No thanks, that is not my cup of tea so to speak. I have a hell of a time healing myself and a companion. I will not heal anyone else for that matter. I’m not the nuturing type. I’m the tormentor that most wanna avoid.


But the events going on currently have me wondering, why is it that some people play and don’t complain, while others do just that complain? It doesn’t change the game play to whine about something as stupid as being infected with a fictional plague. Let alone I’ve seen them compair it to the measles, mumps and etc that children could get if not vaccinated. I mean come on people, stop compairing this to all RL Shit, it won’t ever happen. It’s a damn fictional game that means next to nothing as it comes for events. You don’t hear them bitch about the bounty hunting events, nor the night life event , hell I even seen threads last year about the snowball throwing. Yeah on some of my characters I did bitch in the beginning, but by the mid way point. I just started ignoring it mostly and playing the game. Not giving two shits bout what others were doing. Maybe I’ve just gotten to the point that I’m beginning to lose faith in this game with all the negativity I’m witnessing with the cheap transfers too. I mean all the servers I play on that loved, because yeah they became standard during evening hours, are now becoming over populated and I’m seeing those wanna be elite pvper’s coming over bitching bout the que times there too because lets face it, those that have the Epic Boost, yeah you have some that still do both pvp and pve, but a lot of new players are doing just pve, and not trying to get into pvp at all. I’ve met quite a few that don’t believe that pvp should exist in a game like SW, but like always, I say to each their own. As long as I’m left alone, and not insulted because I choose not to PVP, I’m fine, you start tormenting about PVP, well I have a place for you in what they call the ignore list. I don’t have time nor patience to deal with some wanna be elite pvper whining because this person chooses not to pvp at all. I was happy to be able to transfer some of my characters to other servers so I could have the unlocks I have on certain legacies, and by pass the leveling spec to 50 on them, I just hate leveling now and having maxed all 8 stories, even though I’ve witnessed some of my actions are now going to a different path than the original character, I just get bored with it. Eh, who knows really.

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