Scams and Beggars

This post may upset some, but I’m sorry I’ve been seeing it a lot in the last few months or so since I’ve been bouncing servers all across the US grid in SW:ToR. I’m not sure how it is on the EU servers, but on the US servers well I’m sick and tired of seeing it already. By that I mean the infamous “Join our awesome guild we offer blah,blah,blah” Then of course there is also the infamous credit spammer mailers once again. I can leave a character off for a week or so and log into a bunch of “Spam for this MMO site ” and it’s becoming a burden and making me regret even thinking of logging into the game anymore. My ignore list is becoming a realm of unknown names and etc from these spammers. Sure I report them as spam, a ticket gets opened, and sits there in my help area for weeks on end. I understand that it takes time to investigate all these tickets and what not, but seriously ? Do they need to open up a ticket for a credit spammer? Couldn’t they just well have it listed as spam, and then not put it in as an open ticket. The guild notices in general chat are one thing, but now I’m seeing a whole new area that well makes me think of beggars, and those are the ones that will purposely try to offer someone credits just for clicking their referral link. I know some are legit as I’ve talked with a few via privately and what not, only because I was curious as to see why all of a sudden people are doing this, and it’s because they want the cartel coins without having to put money into the game, understandable and very honest, others want the toys and etc. That too is a very honest answer, but mostly some just do it out of spite so that the ones that have clicked a referral link can whine on the forums about how they’ve been ripped off by not getting promised credits for clicking the links. Sorry there guys, but unless you know that person. It all boils down to this. Take everything on the internet with a grain of salt, if sounds to good to be true, 9 times out of 10 it is too good to be true. Now me recently I have my referral link here on the blog, also in my signature area on the forums. Hell to be honest I forgot I even did that a while back, and I don’t pay much attention to it, but over the last few days I’ve gotten 3 people that used my referral link, and I appreciate that because I didn’t ask them, they just did it to do it. So out of this deal I’ve gotten a new speeder account wide, and two new pets. Not that I collect that stuff, but still felt pretty good to see that some people have used my link and I didn’t beg them too or anything. They just did it. I even seen someone in the guild I belong to on the EH asking for people to click a referral link, all cause they want the cartel coins. I was asked, but told them I had clicked months ago, and never once let my subscription lapse once so the friends link I clicked, is getting the bonus coins each month that I stay subbed, doesn’t bother me, just is strange that all of a sudden people are onto this big thing. But I’ve also learned that while yeah it’s good to advertise your referral links, and guilds and what not, but not good when you do it every 5 minutes to avoid the “Spam” detection that Bioware now has implented into the whispers and what not. For me seeing that spewed around my general chat, well it is annoying, I only really keep general chat open for those times I feel like helping out a new player with their mission, or grouping up for a heroic or two. But I can’t see that when I’m seeing “Please click my referral link, I’ll pay you 200,000 credits.”, or “Please join our guild as we are currently rebuilding our system and what not.” I mean come on, do you people really have to spam general chat with that garbage every few minutes, GIVE IT A DAMN REST, if people want to help you out, they’ll let you know, you don’t have to become a damn spammer that well in all honesty will probably land in about 5% of peoples ignore lists. Then what will you do if you group up and can’t find anyone, because well you got ignored for being a spammer. I just don’t really get it anymore. I decided that I would take a least 24-36 hours off and away from the game in general, all because I am little bored at the moment with it. Not that I’ve forgotten about it, but well you know RL stuff came up and I have to deal with that once in a while, but the spamming in general chat really has me wondering about it anymore. Are people so desperate that they literally have to beg people now to do anything? I even saw on one of the servers someone paying 3 people from 30k to 15k in credits to help them create a guild. I mean really has this become the big thing now in SW:ToR. Bribing others to get things done. I was gonna offer it on the chance since not all my characters belong to a guild, just to help the poor person out, if I’m do something like that, I don’t expect anything in return. Hell I helped out one guild mate a while back with credits, and they were offering me everything you could think of, and I just told them  to “Pay it forward” , meaning, do something nice for some total random person that day or week, whatever. That is how I use to live my life , paying it forward to another after someone has done something for me, but in this day an age, everyone wants something for anything you do. So I stopped helping out like that, but from time to time I will, just not all the time. Anyways enjoy your day/night where ever in this world you maybe. I’m off to watch a few movies, then try this thing they call sleep.

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