Not Anti-social just Anti-Stupid


This post may offend some , while some may say “WOW”, I have finally decided that all my time online is now just that MY time online now. The reason for this is well because I’m done being nice, helpful and etc. After what happened 10 days ago, I’ve finally decided that from now on. I’m going to play the game my way. If I ever get my mission log cleared on Radqa it’ll be because I asked around. I’ve spent much time thinking during the weekend and everything, even while I ventured into Second Life, and played a little bit of GW2 that well. I’m done being nice. I’m done trying to make friends in the game, minus the ones I have made through the blog and in the guild. I’ve dumped the online communities on Google+. I’ve blocked a lot of people on google+ that have decided to send private messages to me saying “You need to grow a thicker skin.” I’ve adopted my fucking “ANTI-STUPID” persona so to speak. largeI’ve just finally had enough all the way around. I logged into Radqa today for the first time since I decided to take a break and what not. I haven’t even touched my female jedi that I made 10 days ago. But I’ve decided that I’m not going to let that one asshat ruin a game I love to play. Just like I’m not going to let anyone or anything try to deter me from playing the way I play anymore. I’m going to roll a new character once I get these ones maxed or close too it. Then jump to yet another server, and start there. By the time I’m done, I’ll have 8 classes spread out across the various servers that are located in the US ( PVE and RP-PVE), sorry but the lag rate for the EU servers isn’t bad, but 117ms against 17-23ms (East Coast)-50-86 ms (West Coast) what I get on the US ones is just my better bet. But all the while I’m also thinking of setting my “/dnd” up again so I don’t get bothered when I’m off leveling other characters that are not in a guild only cause well I can. Like I said, I’m going back to playing my way, and what not. Plus I plan to take advantage of the older FPS so I can get some new Deco items for my strongholds. If I find a group, I do, if not well the older ones, and some of the HM FPs I’ll run solo with HK-51 at my side, or whatever high level companion I have out during the time I max them to level 60. But yeah I’m going to become the silent gamer in game, no more watching gen chat, no more anything. Just doing my own damn thing, on my own time. I’m tired and I’m frustrated that one person almost made me delete the whole damn thing. Yes I was thinking of walking from SWTOR and closing the Blog, and just saying “Fuck it all.”, Sorry if my language offends some, as I’ve often been told “Ladies don’t swear.” Yeah right, here’s a finger pal. You get 5 guesses, but only need one to know which one I’m giving. Yeah I know this post sounds like I have an attitude now, and I do, because I’m fed up with the BULLSHIT anymore. I’m finding out that a vast number say roughly around 50% of the players I’ve encountered in both games (SWTOR and GW2) are class A Douche cum stains. I believe there are still good people in the game, and those are the ones I’ll run across eventually, but for now the douche cum stains need to stay outta my whispers, and to avoid me because I’m no longer being nice anymore. I’m fed up with it. Next time a person decides to try and belittle because they are “Tired”, I’m going to rip them a new one , then place them on ignore because I am not paying $15.89US a month to deal with some pissy whiney asshole that has a shitty connection and believes everyone else should wait for them to catch up. Not gonna happen again. So now back to playing SWTOR and my adventures in there will now be the blog posts I make up. Enjoy n happy gaming.

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