Element of Surprize! or Is it to much to ask?

Now I post this topic this morning, and ugh I haven’t been up this early in a good while now. But anyways. Here we go. Almost 8 am on the east coast, and with Winamp cranked playing one of my favorite music streams “181.fm – The Rock (Hard Rock!)”, I was just browsing the forums at SWTOR.com, and well Ugh. I love surprizes, well okay not all the time, but especially within a game. Especially when they are about a new expansion, or new whatever. So needless to say I’m little pissed at the people that just can’t wait for the element of surprize. Yeah I know I sound like a child when I say that,but I can’t help it. I LOVE SURPRIZES of all sorts in video games. From a working title, to their ratings. So when I noticed that people were asking about the new playable species coming out I was hoping to not get official word from someone in SWTOR and get it or not get it when the next update comes out on the 21st. indeSo when I read this insert here, I was like well shit, can’t you people just for once in your damn lives live with the element of surprize. I’m sorry, but for me it’s like waking up around Christmas as a child and seeing all the presents you get from your folks (Yeah even though I had a RL Broken home, My father tried), anyways. It’s like sitting there the night before and saying, “Here are all your gifts, open them now, and enjoy.” Or that you actually find all your gifts in the house while you’re snooping around as a child. Yeah I did that too,even though I never found one of my gifts. I was that unlucky , not that I really wanted to find my presents, but yeah you get the idea now. I just wanted to be in the element of surprize, and knowing from their video where they talked about the new species, I wasn’t getting my hopes up because they said it “Could be in 3.3, or not, as we’re still working out the details.”, but yeah thanks guys for ruining the element of surprize for this one person.


Which brings me to my next topic that I’ve read about this morning…

SWTOR 4.0, new Bioware Star Wars game to be rated M

Ok everyone is gonna claim to have an inside source, but unlike many that are dumb enough to believe every little thing they put on the interweb, well Um, I take everything I read online with a grain of salt. By that I mean this. I take nothing of face value when it comes to statements like the heading suggests. I’ve seen people go to the extent of saying, “I’m an ex-employee from so-so company and I’m going to give you their little secrets.” NEVER ends well with that sentence or this one. “So I have an inside guy who is giving me information.” Yeah again, that NEVER starts nor ends well either. Now before you ask on why I even bother to read the forums knowing that I’m going to get agitated by something. It’s because like many new players, and older players. I like to be helpful at times. Yeah they see the name “ShadowzGreymoon”, and don’t get it. A lot never will, but over all I like to help out when I can from time to time, even if it’s just words on a screen. Plus I’ve gotten to the point now  that well if I can’t find an answer I need from SWTOR website, well I call Customer Service. I’m not afraid to call them and ask a question. I mean after all I am paying a monthly fee for it. So why not use the full services offered.


Now onto my big shocker…


Referrals in SWTOR

Star Wars- The Old Republic - Friends of Star Wars™- The Old Republic™ 2015-07-16 09-41-38Until recently I never had one person click my referral link at all in SWTOR, then again I didn’t have it on a blog, nor have it in my signature on the forums,or even spammed general chat with it, but lately because I’ve been answering questions, and giving insightful posts. I’ve made 5 Referrals


Now here is how my singature looks on the forums. Yes I blurred out the information I posted there.

STAR WARS- The Old Republic So I’m not sure where the clicks came from, either the forum or from here on the blog, but eh, I finally got the little pets that I wanted, not to mention whenever I create a new character now, I get the speeder too from the jump. But yeah that was a pleasant surprize for me.


Now Radqa …Where to start with him…..Ahh I know..The Last 3 parts of missions that currently sit in his log.

Operations and Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars

Dread Fortress operation

[HEROIC 4] The Alchemy of Evil—Seeker Droid

[HEROIC 4] All The Pieces which will lead into [HEROIC 4] The Shroud’s Last Stand


Now I have never seen the end scenes, or anything about them other then other players videos on Youtube, and of course on the Dulfy website. For once I’d love to be able to get these out of my damn mission log, so that I can finally say I’ve done them, and enjoyed them. I don’t care if I have to spacebar through the whole thing, I just wanna finish them. Radqa has them in his mission quest log on the Ebon Hawk server..Now it’s just to find people that actually want to do them…………….




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