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The last few days have been tough for me in  RL, due to PC issues being one, and other things I will not talk about here. So upon fixing my PC and what not, basically losing a USB port on the back of my computer thanks to winblows 8.1. I had to do a recovery on my PC yesterday and have not played SWTOR at all. I’m now taking breaks between all that and everything. No more 8-16 hours a day playing. Upon logging into this blog today. I deleted a comment on my Element of Suprize post. Now I’m going to address that. I do NOT like it when others feel the need to criticize a post I’ve done because of thoughts I’ve had about something, now to address it.


Yes I knew what the new playable species was. Doesn’t mean I will have one or two because honestly like the damn Twi’leks, they are worthless since headgear does not fit them ever. So therefore I’m happy that it will cost 600 Cartel Coins to unlock it , because guess what I won’t be unlocking.

and here is the big one on this topic

I did not want to know right away when it was being released. That is the element of surprize I was referring too.

Two, because I make a reference to something does NOT mean you have the right to throw it back at me. This is my blog, and my rules go on my BLOG, yes I read blogs, sometimes post comments and what not, but I don’t go around throwing anything anyone else says back to them. If you don’t like it or what I have to say , Don’t follow me, Don’t read my blog. It really is just that damn simple.

I write because I want to write. I don’t care if I have a following or not. I’m not in this for the social aspect of it. As a matter of fact I have other blogs on my own website that I’m going to start working on more and more and less on this because well to be honest. I’m growing bored of this blog now.

Before it’s even said. Yes my skin has grown thicker, and yes I have decided to not give a damn anymore. It’s a game, that I write about, plain and simple. So yeah. Comments like the ones I have deleted will always be deleted because I will not deal with it anymore. Matter of fact I’m thinking of killing comments in general on all blog posts , pages, etc for good because I can! Don’t like it. Tough. My Blog, My Website, My opinions. still don’t like it, well then here is a simple suggestions, DO NOT READ THE DAMN THING

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