Apologises and Headaches

I must apologise for my latest post all cause well I’m in full rage mode at the moment and I have an issue I can not figure out for the life of me. Every PC Tech I’ve talked too online and in RL are even baffled at this. For the last year or so I’ve ran USB 3.0 without any issues. I have 4 External Hard drives connected, a mouse and a keyboard. Most run on the USB 2.0 and through a USB HUB because I had them for a laptop that I no longer have, and let’s face it. Motherboards don’t give us the required space for USB ports to use. Upon getting up friday morning and booting the computer up, what do I find, I lost the usage of my keyboard, ok no sweat, moved USB ports. I have all the latest updates installed, drivers up to date, even bios, yes I’m anal about stuff like this since it’s my PC and I play games on it. So now onto the headaches I’m having


USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller- This device cannot start. (Code 10)

{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.

I get this times 2 because it happens to be a mind boggling fact. Neither Microsucks, nor MSI (My motherboard) creator, not even AMD themselves can help this one out.

So Okay I followed their suggestion at a Recovery instead of a full wipe and reinstall everything, MB Drivers, Bios, etc. I hate having to reformat a computer, but Recovery in Winsucks 8.1 well sucks. It wiped out everything I ran, minus a few things that I have stashed on an external hard drives. I’ve had to reinstall Firefox my choice and preferred browser, I’ve to reinstall Chrome for my husband so he can play Texas Hold’em on facebook. Among my anti-virus software and etc. Yes I’m anal about this system only cause it was a gift from my father last year. (Sadly I’m starting to realize that my father is a cheap bastard when building a computer), My SWTOR Client runs from a external HD so all it had to reinstall was that damn pain in the ass Bitraider which I don’t have issues running as seems most do now. Anyways now as it stands, I’m in contact with yet another PC Tech friend of mine that I knew a long time ago, and is still building computers. We’re suppose to meet up, and he’ll help me get a better gaming rig then this POS I’m running now. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my father, even though he is cheap as hell. But yeah, I’ve lost two days of gaming time trying to figure out this headache, because I can’t even access my bios to turn off the USB< or even attempt a flash bios (which may or may not help) because my keyboard is USB, and it ran off the USB port that was always on.


I am sorry about the last post of my blog, it was uncalled for, and everything. When my temper is up, and lack of sleep is among things. Yeah I shoot first and forget it. But that was uncalled for. I’m not a bad person, just a really short temper, and well yeah. No more excuses. My behavior about that post and everything in it was uncalled for. Matter of fact I’m either gonna go find it and delete it, or just forget it. Unsure yet. Then we come to hubby wanting to spend time together on the weekends. Now I don’t mind it at all. I really don’t. I love my husband more than anything in this world (minus myself and animals), but this constant wanting to be with me now is really starting to find my last nerve. So yeah. RL for me at the moment is something I wish I could just uninstall and never install it again, but sadly I must deal with it. Before anyone attempts to figure it out. No I’m not a people person. I find being around people in general at times is a little unnerving for me. Not sure if all those years being alone made it this way, or just because of all the crap I’ve dealt with in RL over the years just made me more and more adapt to be in solitude. Plus when he’s talking I visualize duct tape over his mouth. Actually have done it once in the past. He was so annoying I got up, grabbed a roll of duct tape, and told him to stfu for the rest of the night. Next day after I posted it on Facebook, we laughed about it. I’ve done some insane shit over the last few years and there is a story there, but that is for another blog, and more information on another blog at a later date. Right now I’m just stfu myself and go read.

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