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No I have not left SWTOR all together, and never will. I just won’t be publishing much into the community anymore. Matter of fact during my brief visit into SWTOR yesterday, I /gquit the guild I was in. Decided I’m going back to the loner of sorts. So this blog will be turned into a fantasy written blog where the human that writes will no longer have opinions on anything SWTOR community related. Matter of fact I’ve even went back to my vampyr blog also. I have decided it’s time that I truly do what I want, and that is to write fictional stories for my characters. While there is one blog that will have RL info on me , but not much. Rest will be all stories minus the shop blog I have for S.A. Designz inside second life. I am now bouncing between a lot to keep me from being bored, cause well I’ve done all 8 classes in SW, so I’m officially bored shitless, so yeah I’m leaving the toxic community, while not all are toxic, but vast majority is, and well I’m done trying. So if you wanna read what I’m doing ,,you can go to the links posted below.


An Outcast

Savage Design


GW2 Fan Blog

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