Possible Restart?

So last month was NOT the best month for me at all. My depression hit a new level, my temper spiked so much that even my RL got the brunt of it all. I stopped playing SWTOR and just started focusing on myself again. A lot of things happened that should NOT have happened, but they did and I can not undo them. All I can do is restart again. I even had a nice following on Twitter and told them all to stop following me. Yeah Last month should just be deleted because it was a bad month, from the trigger moment I had, to just quitting the guild and everything. But I decided to take that solid time away and get my head right, which it will never be right. Started working on other blogs I have, like my Shadow’s Blog which I did just for my RL problems I have, and etc. I’m not asking for much of anything now. I just want to get back into playing SWTOR again and do it the way I was playing it. Solo, not looking for much help, as I’ve found out. Just really doesn’t exist, so I’m start bouncing between all the servers I have characters on and play. May group up when someone asks for help and what not during the quests, but mostly will become the solo player again all because for me. It’s all about tranquility now. In my RL , we adopted a puppy that I named Raven. She’s been the biggest help in the last few days since we’ve gotten her. But if you want to read more about that, might want to follow “Shadow’s Blog” since that is where most of her updates will go. Also she has a facebook page along with our anti-dog cat too who is ironically named “Shadow”, Raven and Shadow’s Life, that is their facebook page.

So who really knows what I will be doing. As for SW, well guess we’ll just have to see. I grew bored of the alt lvling so much that I just quit. I did what most do, I went full on blown rage mode and quit everything. The blog here, the game , guilds, friendships, etc. I’m currently working on a post now over at Shadow’s Blog that will explain a lot more in great detail about what has been happening inside my head. So if you’re curious, stop over and read that. I haven’t even really played GW2 either lately. I just lost the gaming drive all together from the toxicity on the forums, in the games themselves, all of it really. So if you wanna refollow me on twitter, and what not. You’re welcomed too, even though I know from my actions last month I don’t deserve much of anything, *Yes the depression is still a little high at the moment* Anyways Enjoy

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