Just a Theory (KotFE)

Lately I’ve been thinking, and sometimes that can be dangerous for me. But since my little melt down last month and everything I’ve been reading the forums and just random information about the new game update coming out in Oct. I won’t say Expansion because in reality are we really sure that is what this is? , Anyways everyone is wondering about the 5 year gap that is coming from our characters being frozen in carbonite. So I’ve been thinking and working on a Theory, and remember it is just that, but might make sense to some, if not , well I don’t know.

Current setting

Just like the header says, right now we are fighting a Great Galactic War, and along with that, the insane Emperor has come awake and decided he wants to kill everything and everyone in the galaxy. So let’s think on this for a moment, we went to Rishi, Yavin-4 and took on not only Revan (or only half of himself), stopped the Emperor from getting the full effects of being resurrected , right now he’s corporeal, meaning he doesn’t have a body, instead he can mind control who ever he wants, and make them do whatever they want. Then we head off to Ziost which most did not know even existed in the Empire. We stop or attempt to stop Vitiate from killing the entire galaxy and everything along with everyone in it. So yes we know he’s disturbed on a higher level then most. From what I read on Wookieepedia, and I don’t put much stock in it, but part of the story for Vitiate is that he did die after all. Where he did die, no one really knows, but it’s been rumored that he did eventually die. Link to Wookieepedia’s Vitiate. So supposedly with Vitiate dead and gone, the empire and republic did what comes naturally. They made war, and kept on fighting that eventually the heroes were eventually caught and frozen in carbonite to be judged at a later date. So now we’ll jump to the future setting.

Future setting

So here we are 5 years later, and we’ve been frozen all this time in carbonite, and we are unthawed to only learn that the galaxy as we knew it was no longer, there was no empire, no republic. Both had been demolished by another faction. The Eternal Empire. From what I’ve read here, and if I understand it correctly. This was still going on during the Galactic War that we are currently in. Somehow our characters get frozen in carbonite, and we’re stuck there for 5 long years. During that time, both the Republic and Empire have been taken out by the Eternal Empire, and we’re thawed to be judged, or given the option to join them. Our companions are scattered across the board, we meet some new ones, and run into some old ones, and etc. So sometime between the invasion on Ziost, and to the end of the great galactic war we are placed in carbonite, and shoved onto some shelf somewhere or in some dusty cargo hold. The Eternal Empire has come to life, which probably has always been alive, but we did not know it at the time as we were currently battling each other on both sides. The Dark Council was fighting with themselves, making brazen power plays, and so forth. The Republic was busy trying to keep and guess what the empire was up to next, or no one really cared. So for those 5 years we were forgotten about. Life went on, and we lost touch with everything and everyone we knew, cared about, and loved.


So now I leave this to you the reader to decide which is your fate in the new setting that is coming in a few months. Will you love being an outlander or hate it? ,Either way, you’re addicted to playing the game, and wanting to see how things will progress in the story from there.

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