Betrayal and it’s consquences.

If you haven’t played the entire Sith Warrior storyline, please do not go further unless you want spoilers.





I never thought I would be betrayed harshly.




I knew that the Sith like to play their games among us, and that we were used as pawns in their games. But I never thought in a million lifetimes I would feel the sting like I do now. During my time on Korriban, I trained with the best teachers. I did not know much about the Sith Code, or it’s true meaning, I was forced into the academy ahead of schedule, all because the overseerer there did not want the Sith to become weak, and destroyed. From the moment I entered the academy I knew it was going to be a long ride to where I am today. The code that I did not understand until now is this.


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Having things forced on me was something that made me angry, and lash out around me. I was forced to kill the overseerer, forced to take the twi’lek slave, forced to take into the one that I was certain would not stab me in the back, but did. Quinn, even at this moment just the mere sight of his name makes me wish I had broken his neck on that ship. All the while I was started to defy my master,

The Betrayer

Yes I was his enforcer, and yes I enjoyed shoving my lightsaber in others, but all the while what no one knew was that I always thought of him when I struck down an enemy of the empire. As you’ve noticed I said “EMPIRE” not an enemy of my master. I never once considered Baras to be my master, I knew better than that. I knew he was a tormentor, deciever, and above all a perfect liar. From the moment I met him in his chambers on Korriban, I sensed in him a lot of deception, but I kept it to myself. I knew a day would come that I would be killed, or attempted to be killed. I also knew then, that my connection the force and to our emperor would save me. I bid my time with Baras, dealing with his insults, adding my own to the fire, all the while my hatred for the man was growing inside me. Consuming me until all I could see and desire was his death at my hand. I let Lord Rathari live to see the day I would destroy Baras. After all he had earned that right when he killed the spy of Baras.


Chasing his spies around the planets seemed to be futile in my opinion,but Baras did not take kindly to my opinions when I tried to tell him it was a pure waste of my time. I didn’t get the satisifaction of anything until the day I was able to turn his most hated rival into what he truly was, pure evil. I enjoyed the time I had with Nomen Karr, the once jedi that betrayed Baras himself. If only I could have flipped that tide and let Karr take out Baras. But alias, then I would not have been able to present myself to the Dark Council as the newly renowed “Emperor’s Wrath”, and earn their respect. This was better in all aspects though. Taking Karr’s most prized Padawn from him was even more satisfying. Turning Jaesa over to the dark side gave me a thrill so deep inside me that it was erotic to the point that I never once doubted my dark heart. Baras did, and that was his mistake. Telling me that only those that mastered the dark side are capable of such a thing. Ohhhhh the thrill I had when Jaesa chose to join my side as my apprentice. There is something bout that human I am attracted too, what I do not know, nor will I ever know. I just know that for a brief moment I impressed Baras, and became a Lord because I had my own apprentice to train in the ways of the dark side.




It has begun, the betrayer has finally started to show his hand to me. I was ready for this outcome. I knew a day would come that Baras would finally betray me, and try to kill me. It was my strength within the force that kept me from falling all the way into death. That and well what Baras did not know is that the emperor had seen me. So he sent me to Quesh. What a sickening planet that is.


QueshThe heart of the betrayer starts here, and does not end here. It continues on , Draahg proved to be sided with Baras the whole time, and sent to kill me all because Baras felt that I was becoming stronger than him, and this was the best he could do to me, send someone that I could easily kill, and ultimately survive that ordeal on Quest, and get a helping hand to destory that man’s powerbase. To destroy everything that belongs to Baras. What a damn rush I am having destroying everything that means anything to this liar. Being trapped in that cave that was suppose to kill me, then catching a glimspe of these two Sith Purebloods. Emperor's_HandMaking my way back to the base to talk with them, and finding out that I am now the chosen one for the Emperor. I have become the EMPEROR’S WRATH. Now the game begins. I feel the sting of the betrayer all the while my hatred boils into pure rage that will ultimately be the death of that man. I am one with the force, and I can not fail, nor will I falter from my true goal. Destroy everything that meant anything to Baras, and then destroy the man himself. My travels took me to Belsavis to kill his sister, then yet again another Jedi, Master Timmns. Then I was off to Voss to free the true Emperor’s voice, and let him live on. Even though the body had died, the spirit was able to remain as it was. Corporeal is what the emperor’s voice had become. Fading into the background, and giving me orders to kill Baras as well for his deception. Heading to Corellia to finish this game of destroying everything and anything that Baras had dealt with, or done to decieve the dark council, and gain an advantage over everyone for the longest time. I saved a member of the Dark Coucil. Darth Vowrawn from Baras’s would be assassins. He knew that some on the dark council opposed the fact that Baras was claiming to be the voice of the emperor. Our emperor. The one I was now bound to for all eternity. Freeing the Dark Enity that Baras had trapped on Corellia in his personal stronghold. It was then my sight was turned on Baras himself, and that Vowrawn would welcome and rush me into the Dark Council Chambers. I set my ship to navigate to Korriban, ironic that it was a full circle, I had returned to where it all began. Lord Rathari approached Vowrawn as he knew the time had come for me to face off with Baras, and he wanted to witness Baras’s destruction as promised. Vowrawn took us into the chambers and the game had begun. The ones that even though  they supported Baras, did not attempt to block my claim as The Emperor’s Wrath, and all the while Baras was taunting me with his words, calling me a “slave”, and granting me that one chance to fight him. I went after him full stock rage and hatred as my most powerful weapons and I began my assault on him. Knocking him down so much that his power left him, leaving him powerless. I finished him off and it was after the death of Baras that they accepted me as the Emperor’s Wrath, and I emerged from the chambers as a Darth for having killed my former master by name only. For I only served one true master, and that was our Emperor.

Left as a DarthNow the story continues ……..MORE TO COME!!

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