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Hello and welcome to my guild wars 2 Fan blog. This blog will have stories, thoughts, and etc. Basically same as my SWTOR Legacies Blog, but only focusing on Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2. As you can see , first up is the main character I have in GW2, and yes that is my User name on the GW2 Site. Along with my characters name. Zandra, I haven’t really played this a whole lot because of my vast addiction to SWTOR,but I like this game, as I’ve always been a fan of Necromancers and so forth. Just something bout them controlling the dead, well it’s different. Then again I’m a fan of dark side stuff a lot, so you can see where this blog will go. Now on GW2, I haven’t fully went into a lot of things yet, as I’ve had it a little over a month, and still trying to get my feel for it, but the world events there are fun. You dont need to group up, and etc. So welcome and enjoy as I take the time to venture into the realm of Guild Wars 2, and possibly go back to playing Guild Wars 1, Plat. Edition.


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