Just Really???

I love the graphics that I get in Guild Wars 2, but ugh the slow grind to even level is just well a total pain in the ass when you don’t have the money to put into a game. Sadly I don’t even have the money this month to put into SW:TOR either (Minus my subscribing fees), but alias that is what happens when you have responsibilities. So I spent this morning playing GW2 and went from 34 to level 36 in a few hours. Killing everything insight, playing in the events that you get when you enter a new area, unlocking a lot of places and etc. It is a time killer, and can be fun, but I don’t talk to many in there at all either. Course with the talk about the next Expansion they are coming out with here soon and how most are  saying “Don’t pre-order”, or “Do pre-order”, whatever. At the prices they are asking, hell with that, it’s highway robbery. And I have to seriously laugh cause I remember over in SW when people complained about not getting anything for free or that SoR was to pricey. Let them come to GW2 and then go back to SW and give up that idea. There are some things I love about the game, but others I just don’t care for. Like the PVP area. I logged in today to get a notice that I had buffs for PVP, and instantly thought, “Just really, I get enough of this shit in SW.” decided to ignore it, then in the upper right hand corner I get a notice telling me to sign up for something, but catch-22 you must have pre-ordered that damn new expansion that is coming out. Sorry, but anywhere from $50US to $100 US to me just IS NOT worth it. Not when to me and my husband is a night out, some drinks, or even about 2 weeks worth of food. I mean really. WTF are they thinking charging that much? Sadly if you opt for the cheap pre-order, you’re buying the game all over again from my understanding. No thanks I bought this game two months back from Amazon for $22 US and that was with tax. Yes folks TAXES are now invading our video games, and etc. Enjoy the screen shot gallery I’ve placed in this post. Time to go into Second Life and see what kind of trouble I can cause there.


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