Teasers vs Spoilers


Teasers and what good are they

Like the header reads. I have been thinking about this recently since the release info on the new game play coming out in October for SWTOR. Bioware is doing something that most gaming companies do. They tease us with bits here and there for a new release that is coming, or new items that may hit the market, whatever will keep people paying to play, or even free to play players jumping into full subscription mode to get the new content. I’m all for that because well it helps them be able to create the revenue they need to make the game content we all play and to keep the servers up and running, because it is not fairly cheap to run a server of that size at all. So yeah all the hype right now about Knights of the Fallen Empire has spiral out of control with so many assumptions, and etc. So for the next 69 days for us that will have it hopefully during early access, then another 76 days for the regular release there will be teasers a long the way. I mean that is what I like about it being called “TEASER” , they are teasing you with all of this. In some sense it can make you feel like a child too that if you were one of the ones that knew you were getting something around say a birthday, or holiday, you were excited, but you weren’t for sure if it was what you thought it was because you were being teased about it all. I know I reference to being a child so much, but let’s just face it, when we were children, life was so much simpler then. We didn’t have to worry about what our parents had to pay, and make sure there was food, clothing, roof over our heads, etc. So yeah I refer to that area a lot because we were simply put, Care-free. I’m all for being teased for the next few months about the new content coming out. While I would like to know some things, but I won’t be searching to deep for it because I want that element of surprise and not have it ruined because I let my curiosity get the best of me. So yeah I am one player in Star Wars:The Old Republic that is welcoming the idea of being teased until the content is released.



Spoilers and the negative impact

Now we have the spoiler section to talk about. I for one dislike spoilers. It ruins everything for me. I’d rather be totally ignored for duration of a spoiler then included into one. When I first started to play SWTOR I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay or not, but as I got into the story of each character I started to realise how fun it truly was, and I was doing everything and anything I could to avoid spoilers. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for myself. Even as my husband watched me play during the winter, he then began to realise I would not tell him anything about a character’s story line, and it made him want to watch me play all the time. He has his favorite character story lines, and so do I. So now we have that reddit post with massive spoilers and etc for the new content coming out, and even though I’m peaked with curiosity about it, but I won’t let it get the best of me and go hear it, watch it, or attempt to find out anymore information about it until release time. Sadly though not everyone is like this. Matter of fact there are so many people wanting to spoil game play for everyone by throwing out spoilers, it still happens with our current characters , when a new player asks something in general chat, a spoiler is tossed out, and it’s sickening because it’s easy for others to ruin someone’s game play with a spoiler. I’d rather have the suspense that comes to wanting to play or watch something than have it ruined by someone tossing out a spoiler. I think that is why I’ve decided to back out of the community too. I don’t want my experiences ruined because someone got their hands on content that isn’t even out yet. Just makes no sense on wanting to ruin it for everyone else when they were clearly the ones that wanted to know more. Eh, who knows about people anymore. Enjoy and happy gaming!

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