I’ve updated to Win 10

So upon getting up this yesterday morning I was welcomed to the idea of updating my OS from Win 8.1 Pro with Media to Windows 10. I decided , eh, what the hell I’d take a look at it, and if I don’t like it I can always roll back right? Well after about a half hour of it installing and putting everything back. I decided okay now time to dive into my graphics heavy games. SW:ToR and of course Second Life. Both are heavy on graphics, and hell on a CPU, but wait. I’m not lagging as much anymore. Matter of fact I am not even using a lot of space on my SSD card which is only 120 gigs, but roughly 111 gigs were open. Now I have like a rough patch of 80 gigs free to use. I’ve never had that much free space on this system when my father gave it to me last year, Windows 8.1 Pro with Media took a good chunk out. Course I am one of those anal types and love to compress my files so they take up even less space. Minus windows folder though because it just does not like to run compressed. Overall I am happy that Microsoft finally offered something that doesn’t seem to be like a shitty OS. Of course thought I’m a creature of habit. I had to find a program that I could use that would make my PC Desktop look and act like one of the older windows. Either 7 or 8, and I found this nifty little program called Classic Shell that allows you to have a start button with color, and old start menu and etc. Here is the gallery link I found for it from their website. I even got the windows 7 orb that I came to accept over the years as it changed, I like things to be a little simple for me. I’m not into making my pc into anything touch. Not with my Husband around. If he accidently would touch the monitor he would be liable to mess something up, so yeah No touching allowed on my screen. Course since all of this as well. I’ve started thinking of getting a new mouse and keyboard since he’s got a bad habit of  trying to make them into drinkers. In the last few years since we’ve been together, he has managed to kill 2 of my other keyboards. Lucky enough for me, they are relatively cheap, but that is not the point. I like my keyboards to be tight, and nothing smashed, and I’ve tried with my latest one, but from all my game play I’m just to lazy to turn it upside down, and replace the suction cup on my arrows, so now when I need to move my characters around I’m finally using the WASD keys along with QR to make them side step, which he laughs when I do it. As for my mouse, well even though I do maintain a fairly good Optical mouse, it still gets dirty and when I took it apart last night I was upset cause there was his hair, and cat hair wrapped around the wheel in the middle.

Now onto the best part for me. I decided I was going to play SW:ToR a little later than I normally do and when I decided to take a screen shot with FRAPS, well you can be  the judge for yourself on how well the image turned out.

swtor 2015-08-13 23-48-24-31This was taken on my Sith Inquistior:Spec Assassin with Deception Tree running. But this was after I had beaten Zash and Khem announced me to the small set of acolytes I was left with. Yes even though I’ve played the SI all the way to the end in the past. I decided to roll an Assassin a while back, and opted to make different choices that I had in the past. I wanted to see the different story lines,  then I decided that last night I was going to use him to test out the graphics, and lag. I had some lag, but that is due to the client they choose to insall SWTOR on, and not ever updating to the latest version or whatever. But graphic wise. WOW is all I can say. I am enjoying my new outlook in SWTOR. I still prefer to run with Low to Medium settings on graphics all cause it’s my choosing, and lets face it some of them planets are Blinding enough without the extra help from the graphics. Eh, but it’s time to work on my other blogs that I have currently too, specially my archives for my vampire stories that I need to put back up because a few friends are asking to read my older RP stories I had started to create from 2 yrs ago. Happy gaming Friday all

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