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This is how I’ve been taking it when coming back into the blogging community along with the SWTOR Community itself. I decided that in between raising a 9 month old puppy that I would slowly come back into both communities for something to do. I have a tendency to let a lot of things get to me at one time, and I explode for no reason what so ever. It’s been said that my temper is volatile and extremely explosive. I have no clue what happened over the years but my temper has gotten worse. Recently I’ve been trying to add more to my game play, get myself back out there in the community and etc. But what I’m really doing now is taking my time with everything. I’m redoing all the stories for all 8 characters, but remembering my choices have changed. Ones I’ve done strictly dark side only, I’m now playing the characters as neutral. I’m also choosing different class specs say I roll a Sith Inquistor, well now I have one in Lightening, and Madness, my latest one that just hit in his 50’s last night was an Assassin

SWTOR Disciplines Calculator by swtor_miner - Dulfy 2015-08-17 10-52-17










This is what his current Discipline path looks like the current moment. He’s level 52 I believe, may be 53, not entire sure. But I finished his chapt 3 ending last night and here is the video to watch it to see the different path I took.

Its 21 minutes long because that is how long the ending is for me. From Korriban, all the way back to DK to make the final ending. I enjoyed it a lot , and also have created an account on Twitch, and to upload videos too. I figured since  AMD gave me the Gaming Evolved Application for free which runs Raptr for me, that I should start using it. I have yet to learn how to type and play with a puppy on my lap though. She seems to think that my lap is her favorite chair even though I have one set up right next to me for her to sit in when I’m playing on the computer, but it’s my lap she wants in all the time when Daddy isn’t home, then it’s a toss up between who’s lap is the best. That is the comical part of life with her so far. Then she hears the roar of the lightsaber, and instantly jumps from his lap to the floor back into my lap, because she’s not sure what that sound is. Then again she watched the ending of the chapt 3 with me too last night, and sat in my lap, then put her paws on the desk and tried to lick the screen when she saw these images here

swtor 2015-08-16 15-45-00-67





swtor 2015-08-16 15-56-18-97





But yeah she’s involved in on my game time as well. Normally she just curls up in the chair next to me with a paw on my lap, and falls asleep there for a while. So she’s really helping me even as I play SWTOR too as well. If anyone is interested in seeing what Raven looks like, well here is her picture.










Enjoy your monday and happy gaming all !

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