Randomness Wednesday.



As I was traveling on Tatooine last night doing the GSI and the start of seeker droid, and macrobinculars searches I ran across this in the desert , and I am not sure if I did not just notice this before, or is it something linked to BH Week.  Everytime I was looking into the depths of the GSI Mission I would spot these in various places. Normally I like to look around as I’m traveling a planet, but in all honesty I did not need to go that far into Tatooine to even notice these in the past. I did my class missions there and left. Between Tatooine, and Hoth, they are hard on my eyes, and last night I decided I was going to travel it and just have fun with it after all. Other than putting a hurting on the Sand people, there really isn’t much left on Tatooine I can do for the imperial side. It’s the republic’s side that I need to finish it out before hitting a 100% on that planet. Also if you look in the images don’t mind the crap in the upper right hand side. I use the AMD Gaming Evolved app which allows me to record my ingame videos without having to talk to anyone. I haven’t quite figured out OS and Twitch yet, but eventually one day I will, and yes I do run an AMD rig. I have the AMD A-series Black Edition that has it’s own Graphics built into it. I run the AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 4.10GHz (Quad-core) with 16 gigs of Memory installed. My dad built this system either over a year ago or a little older ,and when my last system finally died. He gave me this one. Now I know everyone has their own preferences about the CPU but me personally I do prefer the AMD Series. For me the graphics are just better, and don’t need updating all that much like the intel series sometimes do. But back to the pictures in the gallery I posted, I had honestly never noticed them in the past before. I think they are tied to the Bounty Contract week though because I can’t really recall if they were there in the past or not. I’ll have to check back later on this month after BC is over with.


Last night while I was traveling the various planets that even though I’m ready to start the prelude to SoR on my latest Sith Inquistior I just couldn’t really bring myself to start it yet at lvl 56. But while on Taris I decided I would solo the heroics there and make some credits, not much for Exp. anymore,just the credits. I was watching general chat and even though I have played the IA story line a few times now, I still wouldn’t do what this person did. Without thinking, and etc. He threw out the line “SPOILER’S” then proceed to spoil the rest of the story line in the same sentence. Then he justified or at least tried too saying we were the d*cks for even reading the whole post, and all the while we tried to explain to him that yes some parts of the IA story are A-holes, does not mean you have to spoil that line for everyone else that probably hasn’t played the entire IA story yet. I made a statement to the likes of this, “Regardless of your intentions, just because you’re playing the IA story and you’re character is being an a-hole doesn’t mean you have to be one as well, unless of course the human operating that said character is one in RL, in which case, doesn’t help out much. -turns off chat-” I did just that , clicked the tab to Other, and just watched my mission info instead of dealing with him. I will not spoil a story line for someone even if they beg me. I don’t like movie spoilers, or even when I’m reading a book that someone else has read. Then everyone started ragging on him because he had the XxxCharactersnameherexxX. Yeah reminded me of my times in virtual chat when it was hip and cool to have “X” in your name, but come on, that is so late 90’s. Then again I don’t understand how someone can name themselves Lordwhatever, and once they hit the area they get the title “Lord” all you see is “Lord Lordwhatever” , same with Darth, I don’t think a lot of people are really understanding that you don’t use those titles in your names because well let’s face it. Just look like a dork in the long run, but alias it their name, have fun with it, just not a lot will take them serious since they will now be double “Lord”, “Darth”

Since I’ve been back, I’m doing my own thing. Not into joining any more guilds, or anything. Just working on my legacy, and etc. If someone needs help and I’m on the planet I may help out, but I won’t join up to go group content. I’ve come to realize I’m just better off as a solo player. Even though I know some of my mission in my mission log will never get finished I just don’t really care anymore. I have just decided that when I came back to SWTOR, I would be ignoring the toxicity of it all. Do my own thing , write my own blog posts, comment on a few of them, etc. Just really trying to find my footing again. People just don’t understand me, and I’m happy with that. Anyways, Happy Gaming and enjoy your hump day, no matter how early or late it is for you!!


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