Wreckage Friday

So this week I’ve been off in another world inside my head doing my own thing inside of SW:ToR and just being totally random. Took my latest Sith Inquisitor up to I believe level 58, went back to Corellia and finished that planet’s mission, headed to Belsavis  to release the Dread Masters, just doing random things, plus working on legacy achievements and what not. I’m not all into maxing out everything on one character for my legacy, but lately I’ve just been bored enough to do that. Some planets I’ve maxed out to 100%, while most are like 20% if that. During the epic xp boost I just do class missions on the planets, and leave, never really returning, but I like pissing others off. Being a high level and going back to finish things I normally wouldn’t. Plus with the talk about them dumbing the characters down in the FPS, and Heroics and such. I’m sorry I personally don’t see the need to do it. Yeah they’ll be soloable, and etc, but that is not my point. They have just strange reasons to do what they do, but eh, it’s their game, they can design it and dumb it down, or whatever. I will still play it, and pay for it, but just doesn’t mean I have to like the changes. Yesterday I decided to take a break from my lvl 58, and work on my new jedi consular who is a shadow,  that is using infiltration. I know his skills will match to the lvl 58 on the empire side,but also because I have done one Jedi Consular’s story line, I wanted to see what happens when I go a different route entirely. I have one that is solid LS V, now I’ll probably see if I can  this one to be DS V now. Ironically though I have others like a Jedi Sent, and a Sith Maurader that I haven’t even finished their stories yet either, and now that the Epic XP boost is close to ending, like around the time KotFE comes out. I need to finish those up,or just say “eh, bump it, I’ll do them later.”  Course now I’m really debating whether or not I want another Imperial Agent. I must say I love that story the best, only cause it’s more like something I’m use to,  being lied to, abused, etc. Odd I would like that story the most, but I do. Damn just looked at the clock and realized I’ve been playing around with this post for close to 2 hours now. Wow, where has the time gone, Oh wait, I know. This is what happens when I wake up before the damn birds are even out making noise. Yes even though I waited til 11pm to lay down last night, come 4am, myself, Raven( the pup) and hubby all got up. It was a sleepless morning for us. Course now the Pup is laying next to me in a chair I have set up just for her as I listen to music and type this out, while checking out the new disturbed album. But, eh, happy gaming on a friday..I’m go and try a catch a few hours of sleep if possible!

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