How I’ve been keeping busy

Are we done here?


As you can see, this was my Bounty Hunter crew. Yes yes, I know I have one BH at lvl 60 so why another one? Easy, I’ve decided to go back and unlock the species for my entire account the hard way. Getting them to level 50 at least. Only one I have paid for is the latest. Togruta , even though I have the option to make a character with it, I haven’t and probably won’t. I also bought the Cathar a while back. But everyone else has been unlocked via game play to lvl 50 or so.

Playable species

I just grabbed this image off the swtor Wiki page. I don’t want to log into SW:TOR at the moment and grab the one from one of my legacies. So let’s see of the 11 playable species I have 10, all I need now is the Mirialan species and I have all 11 unlocked. Only ones I purchased are the last two. Cathar and Togruta. While in the midst of everything that is going on in the community about KotFE I have just decided other than watching the youtube link of the live stream from yesterday during the live stream SWTOR did. I would just go about my merry way and ignore the morons that try to ruin my game play. Of course since I am once again guildless by my own choice. I’m back to being bombarded with RP Guilds now since I’m currently leveling up on the Ebon Hawk server still.  I have had a few bounty hunter guilds approach me, I’ve had some Jedi ones, and etc, and to be honest I’m just not cut out for the social aspect of SWTOR. So Radqa will always have the operation and heroics stashed into his mission log, because in all aspect unless I’m on those planets when people are looking for pugs to do it. I’ll never have them done, and I’ll never get any Ops listed in my legacy page. Am I upset? Nah, I’m not an endgamer like most. I finish the SoR and log that character out for a while and go work on a new one. It’s just the way I am. I can’t stay on one character for long in any rate.  So that is why I just can’t stay in a guild. Most want a person that is active on their main more than once a month or so. I have one main that is maxed on Crafting and that characters name is Daeqius , he was my slow level up to 60 before the Epic XP boost we got. So he had a head start in crafting , for him I went with cyber tech to maximize his mods and ear pieces so that I didn’t have to worry about not having the Comms at the time to upgrade his gear, course once he hit lvl 40 I put his perament orange gear on him and it stayed.

Screen Shot 02-14-15 at 11.37 PM


He once sat on the Jedi Covenant server until I transferred him over to Ebon Hawk a while ago. He was the first one to hit lvl 60 in a long time. As you can see the toolbar shows the date he was made level 60. February 14,2015. So earlier this year on Valentine’s Day none the less he hit lvl 60 and became my master cyber tech crafter. I recently just maxed out is other two skills as well. So I use him a lot on  Ebon Hawk. Him and Radqa are my favorites by far, both are pure blood sith characters. Now my latest Inquisitor who is an Assassin well has more of the Darth Nox look. Noxaxa is his name as well, which I found it fairly amusing when I beat the last chapter just a while ago and was adressed as Darth Nox in the final cut scenes.



I think out of all the stories I played, the Inquisitor’s, Warrior’s, Agent’s are by far my favorites for at least Empire side. Republic side, well hands down and only one that I enjoyed a lot was the Jedi Knight’s story the most. The others just left me with an “Oh god is this over yet” feeling in the pit of my stomach. But yeah that is what I’m doing now. Game play my way, and just unlocking things on my legacy now. Working on some datacrons, maxing affection with companions and what not. Just something to keep me going until the release of KotFE. Happy gaming folks!!

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