My Experiences in SWTOR

I’ve never really touched based on this since the Epic XP boost came live for subscribers in SWTOR. I’ve touched based on a lot of things, and ignored a lot more too. For me I was able to get all 8 classes finished and just create random characters so I could keep playing. Also I’ve been able to do this as well.



swtor 2015-08-30 19-46-06-69


What you see there is on my Spyderbane legacy all the species fully unlocked. I finished up with unlocking the Mirialan race right after unlocking the Chiss race. Here is another shocker, usually when I run on the empire side I rarely get any light choices, well last night I started a new Sith Warrior, and well , here is a shot of him and Vette on Tatooine

swtor 2015-08-31 20-32-40-14


Which is strange for me, because I never really stay in the light side of things, but to also help me stay on the light side so that I can get LS Jaesa I was going with a crafting skill in Diplomacy along with all the other goodies for Bio chem. Even though I know crafting now is going to probably become next to null in the release of KotFE , I just wanted to try and utilize all of this Epic XP Boost with a lot of things I don’t normally do. I have even opted to stear clear of the forums a whole lot more since most are still whining about not having enough information about the new content that will be released in Oct. Well sorry but this is one SWTOR fan that is happy not having a lot of content published about it. I even refused to go near the Tor Community website due to the data-mining going on there. I just really wish people would leave well enough alone , and let us find out more on our own at the release of the content. But Eh, won’t happen. So back to doing things I don’t normally do. Yeah I’ve been trying to maximize the most out of this Epic XP Boost. I know it’s going to be ending next month so it’s just best that I take full advantage now before it’s to late and gone for good. I should just go ahead and max out levels on all the ones I’ve recently done, but once I get to somewhere around level 50 something, I just quit and go do other things. The Makeb and SoR stories are well boring to me now, I am also moving characters around to other US Servers that I do not have fully unlocked legacies on as well. Plus once I max a Legacy to lvl 50. I enjoy the perks I’ve unlocked with it as well, like the running mount, the reputation titles I’ve earned on my own without help. The small things that make me happy about being in the game and everything. I’ve been tempted a time or two to go back to the lower planets, and grab the datacrons for the Datacron master title you get in the legacy, but some of them are just well way to hard for someone that doesn’t do the mechanics all that well in game. Plus let us not forget that sometimes you need another person to help you get said datacron, and I’m not much of asking for help in game. I still see people saying “L2P” , or “No, not unless you pay x amount of credits.” Those type of responses along with the infamous guild spammers are just still annoying and put off people from asking for help. That is just me though. I watch gen chat on the planets, rarely talk, but I don’t respond to much because most believe they are elitist and that mentality just well sours me badly. No one is better than anyone, and those that think they are, well go have your head examined please, for all our sakes, because if you believe you are better at something that you are entitled to become an elitist, well that makes the community bad. I  don’t brag or boost about things I’ve done in game, or how I’ve managed to do some things. I just know that I’ve done them, and don’t feel the need to rub it in someone’s face. What gets me a lot is that while running around on the fleets at times I’ll see people post things for “LFG for weekly:Whatever”, and then after they ask for it. They also add the lines “Must have done it in the past.” , or “Must link proof”. That just makes me wonder about some things. I have never taken part in any operations or anything like that because I don’t belong to a guild, and I like to move onto something else after I max my character out. I still have Heroic’s and Ops for Oricon in a few of my lvl 60’s mission logs. I just can’t seem to be bothered. Now everyone is doing things on Makeb, and etc because the new revamp mode to FPS and etc are going to be happening as well. I just don’t know, haven’t felt the need to hear or see typed words like “Learn to play noob.” , or “You’re poorly undergeared.” Radqa is still my main go too and is in augmented gear now. So who knows. Maybe one day I’ll brake that gap, until then I’m happy playing my own, in my own time, without being rushed. Happy gaming all!!

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