So this was different

Just like the title states, this was different from me. Playing a Light Side Sith Warrior made even more sense to me then when I played the DS or kept him/her neutral. Domidaqu was a different character all the way around. While yes some of the choices I made were DS, a lot were LS as well, but over all it was fun playing him this way. I mostly did it because when I would look at my achievements in the legacy I would hover over the idea of having a LS Jaesa as well for max affection and that is what I’m currently working on as well. I am trying to get the full experience as a player in SWTOR without the guilds, the Operations, and so forth. I have finally given up on the idea of fitting into the community what so ever. I am just to different from most to even attempt things anymore. Not from bad experiences or what have you. Just it’s now my personal preference and with the way the new content will be laid out. I don’t have to be forced into grouping up with anyone unless I want too. Now I have taken my light side warrior to Makeb to finish him out to level 55 and I may or may not jump into the Preludes of SoR, and go from there. I am not sure what I will be doing, but I do know since I’ve tasted the Light side on the empire side. I plan on seeing other stories for the LS as well well except the BH, I don’t think I can stomach another round with Mako or that long boring ass story line all the way around. Not even sure if I want a trooper like that as well. My favorite stories are Jedi Knight , Sith Warrior, Sith Inquistor, Imperial Agent, 2nd favs are Jedi Consular, Smuggler (One liners cracked me up) and very least favs are Bounty Hunter, Trooper. The last two are just well “Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh let me get through this shit fast” type of attitude. The other thing I’ve noticed lately too on the Ebon Hawk server, is everyone is mad dashing to get the last of the Weeklies done on Makeb since they are being redone, removed, what ever come 4.0 content. I for one don’t normally ground out dailies of any kind often unless I’m taking a break in between and want a few extra credits. I really wasn’t even sure if I was going to keep this new character after I got the LS Jaesa, and plan to max affection on her. I didn’t even put the infamous HK on this character. I may go after and do the quest though just to get him the hard way since I don’t feel like dumping cash into SW:ToR this month. Which I’m fairly certain that once I get him to 60 doing the HM Flashpoints to get the items dropped there won’t be an issue for me to solo the FPs since I know how they all work and have done them in the past. Will it be challenging for me, yeah, but that is what I like the challenges I place for myself.  Of course though HK won’t like this sith warrior at all, but that is okay, because right now I’m using Vette as my current companion. In the past I’ve always ignored her, but this time around I want to see what she has to say fighting a long side a Light Side warrior.




I had always been against doing anything with the light side, but well with the Epic XP Boost coming to an end next month I decided well now is not the time to be picky about things. So I decided to dive into the light side of things. So what will come next after I’m done with him, well now that my friends is the true mystery. I won’t give information on something I’m not even sure I’m going to go ahead and finish or even start. You’ll just have to wait and see what I plan on doing.

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