Advice I’ve recently given in SW:ToR

So yesterday while running on my latest Empire character, I created a Rattataki Imperial Agent who I’m running as a LS Agent. It’s an interesting story line to say the least. I finished up Chapter 1 last night and started on Chapter 2, no I will not be posting spoilers for those that read this blog that probably haven’t even  started one, or hasn’t finished one. I’m not that type of person. So while on Nar Shadda I seen another person in general chat asking this.


Q: What story line is better for agent? Dark or Light?

Answers given were vary and some where rather rude.

I responded in general chat with this.

A: I have done Dark Side, Neutural, and now working on Light Side. Don’t try to think of it as terms in LS or DS for the agent story. Play how you would normally act if you were a police officer or something in that nature. Also many people will give you false advice, or just troll you. The best answer to your own question at hand is play it how you want to play, not how someone else wants you to play it.

Their reply.

Reply: That is honestly the best advice I’ve gotten so far. I’ve had many people tell me DS is better than LS Agent, but coming from someone that plays their way. It’s nice to see someone give an answer like this.

Replies came in from the trolls of course saying to L2P Noob. Sorry but I’m not a noob, I’ve been apart of the SW:ToR game now since 01.14.13 so a little over 2 years now. I’m not a founder, I’m not a pre launch. I am just myself. 


Now while heading back to DK on my Agent Class Mission I see in general chat a question about.

Q: Why can’t I exit to DK through my stronghold?

A: all varied and all pretty messed up. Sometimes the trolls are strong there. Specially in DK Chat. I just offered this advice in an instant message , sorry to me they are IM’s not those damn whispers.

My Personal Message: Do not listen to those boneheads, they will say or do anything to upset your game play. No you do NOT need a ship to exit to DK at all from your stronghold. If you haven’t finished anything on your starter planet whether it be Korriban or Hutta, you won’t be able to come to DK Until you get the mission quest “Catch a shuttle to DK”, Apparently they just want to troll you and make you think you’ll never get to DK until you have a ship, but you don’t get your ship until the very end of the planet in your personal story mission.

Their reply: Why do some people do that to new players?

R: Because apparently they don’t have the common sense to not troll someone online. They believe they are better than everyone and get their kicks out of doing it to new players.

TR: Someone on my starter planet told me I could bypass the shuttle thing by going to my stronghold and then exiting to DK from there.

MR: They were wrong and did that to troll you. Making you think the game was broken or something along those lines. I have no clue why people do the things they do. But your best bet is to place that person on ignore, and you won’t have to deal with them again, nor will you ever be grouped up with them in group finder for flashpoints and etc.

TR: Thank you for the help, you’ve been nice to me even when others seems to be just rude and ignorant.

MR: You are most welcome. Enjoy your game and play it the way you want to play, do not let anyone tell you any different.


Now the other thing I witnessed and well it has become a huge pet peeve for me. Guild recruitment every 5-10 minutes. I understand people don’t want to be squelched for posting the same message over and over again, but while on Korriban and Hutta, I seen a few people post every 10 seconds. Always trying to up another guild or what not. Even seen one reply with (No interviews needed like other guild) Wow talk about being a little rude on that. If you play on a RP server, yes you will see RP guilds recruiting to increase their ranks or get new players that want to learn how to RP and etc., but there comes a point where not spamming general chat is the best policy out there. Let people know that your guild is looking, but don’t write a paragraph long statement on why they should join your guild. Give them a few pieces of information along with a way to talk to you privately. If I had a guild I would post this once an hour in general chat.


<Insert guild name> is currently looking for new players. Small RP/PVE community looking to increase friendships an etc. If interested in more information send me a /w Insert Character Name, and we can talk privately there.


Now to me that kind of recruitment would spark an interest or two in some players while many others will ignore and laugh at it. But I bet you could catch more players with posts like that instead of these ones.

<Insert Guild Name> Is looking for active players, we offer xp boosts, rep boosts, also have a SH , Flagship, we do PVP/PVE/RP events daily and weekly. Must be 18+ , have to be active in the guild at all times, We will do an IC interview , start your SW experience with us. We are a friendly guild that has helpful people on at all times.


That post takes up a big chunk of space in those small windows for chat. So if you’re talking about something in gen chat and that post comes across, you can and will probably miss something someone else asked you without you realizing it. We know scrolling in that tiny ass window is not feasible at times. The chat window is by far the worse I’ve seen in terms of chat windows. Even GW2 has a better chat window then SW:ToR. Which I went back to GW2 last night for a bit, but that will come in another post here later on this week. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and bounce between the two MMO’s yet but well I had  to see how the graphics were in GW2 since I updated to Win 10 a while back.


I had recently thought about making a strictly Imperial Agent guild type format, but decided against it yet again. I want to own my own guild, and build from there. I’m not cut out for these other types of guilds because I don’t use voice applications while yes it may be easy to work with while doing raids and etc., but I’m just not into talking over people at all. I had enough of that in second life. Plus I have a lot of background noise with living in the middle of a town that has cars/trucks/trains etc running so much, not to mention people on the sidewalks yelling at each other. Just not good for anyone else to hear.


I even seen a question last night in gen chat on Nar Shadda about reusable stims and medpacks.

Q: What type of reusable stims/medpacks can I get?

A: List of purple stims and medpacks were given but not telling this person that they had to be a biochemist to even use them.

Q: what about low level reusables?

A: Only if you are willing to pay GTN Prices.

My reply: Only ones I’ve ever seen use reusable ones are those that craft the Biochem it self in their crew skills, seems these people decided to leave that out. If you are not a biochemist in crew skills, you can’t use them. when you hover over them they say only usable by those in biochem skill.

After my response to that I ended up with a lot of flaming hate messages which I promptly ignored because I knew they were the crafters trolling to sale their items. They are only interested in making credits off new players who do not know anything about crafting at all. So yeah I stopped that flaming hate real quick and ignored it all.


It is what I am best at. Pissing off the trolls and those that wanna sale things to everyone at higher rates, but don’t want to explain only certain things can be used via skills, classes, and etc. So yeah I’m the bad person there for spoiling their fun.

Another peeve I have is seeing this line in gen chat no matter where you are.

<Players name:> I will pay you 300k Credits for clicking my referral link. you get 7 free days of sub time, I get CC and you get a pack full of goodies. Just use my referral link and I’ll give the credits to you as soon as you do.


To me that screams SCAM!! Not saying that all will be like that, but I’ve seen enough in gen chat do that person a favor in hopes of getting 300k in credits and not getting them at all. Now they sit on someone’s referral list getting all the goodies each month they stay subscribed, and all that person got was 7 free days, and a perferred bundle pack that well once you go with a sub, only good thing in it is the additional 10 slots for inventory. Rest well I just sale at a vendor for 1,000 credits. To start buying the right stims I need to play. Speaking of referral links going wrong.


Back in July I had a few people sign up through my referal link and now it shows  thisStar Wars- The Old Republic - Friends of Star Wars™- The Old Republic™ 2015-09-06 12-48-42


I had thought about calling customer service, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Yes my favorite thing, “Haven’t gotten around to it yet”, Oh well that is enough typing for now, time to go play SW:ToR for a few hours since it’s quiet still. When hubby comes home, there goes my quiet time!!

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