So a bit of everything I’m into at the moment.

So the last two days over the weekend I decided to venture into Guild Wars 2  for a bit. Plus I was just getting tired of Star Wars the old Republic, so figured was time to take a small break. I went doing my normal thing of leveling up by unlocking all of Lion’s Arch, and I must say I am in awe over the graphics as you can see from the gallery above. I also decided I needed to go into my second life and try and make new friends. Until the release of the new content in SW, I’m breaking everything down, and doing a little at a time. While I love being in SW:toR and all. I just need a break from the same ole same ole. So for my twitter account, if you see me refer to things like SL it does not mean Shadowlands Server, it does mean second life, something I have been in since 2010. Damn I’ve spent 5 years in there, twos in SW, and now coming up on a year in GW2, but GW1 I’ve had since late 2005. Eh, I think right now since its like 6:00am est time I’m go and try to sleep!


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