#NBI2015Safari Epic Achievement



So I’ve decided I would start from time to time to take part in something that was shown  to me, a blog that lets newbie bloggers show off various things. While reading it I was unsure if I wanted to really partake in this type of environment as most of my posts are Character background related as I’m strictly a solo player in SWTOR. But I thought about it, and said to myself, “Eh, why not?, What is the worse that can happen? , no one reads it.” So here we are this is my epic achievement. I hit a legacy level of 50 with the Dragosani Legacy over on the Jedi Covenant Server, this was my 2nd attempt to max out a legacy and I did just that in under a year. It’s not exactly easy being a solo player because I’m not fast enough with my keybindings, and etc. I’m a novice player and I come and go as I please. I also am proud of the achievement of having all 8 Classes done as well. Now that legacy sits dormant while I do still sometimes log in to check on various things. I’m known to throw all the companions I have out on missions and craft while I go over to the Shadowlands where my 1st ever legacy was created. I don’t have any friends in the game. I don’t belong to a guild or anything like that. I’m to shy , and I’m skeptical from what I’ve seen in general chat that is now usually shut off, and a “DND” is thrown up. Not that it works, but yeah I’m proud of my achievement of hitting a legacy level 50, with all class stories done. As you can see though I’m slowly working up on maxing affection on those companions still. Time will tell all when it’s all said and done. But that is my proudest moment other then hitting level 60 with 8 various characters who each all have a story to tell and that is the sole purpose of this blog. I want to merge my legacies together even though SWTOR says they are on different servers. Enjoy and have fun. That is what I do.

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